Big Nothing

Every body saying you gotta be
productive during this time.
You gotta create
the novel
a painting
I got nothing except the feel of
the sun on my bare feet, the smell
of lazy mornings in bed, lots of late
night laughter.
My words are locked somewhere
safe, like maybe they're scared, like
maybe they're wearing a mask so I can't
know them, like maybe they're just worn
out and worried.
I am still.
I listen to the birds, and talk on the
phone, and lie around for hours with
my love.
It is enough to stay alive and just be, 
right now. The rest will come.

This moment is so unsettling and bizarre, and my words have all but disappeared. Like most everyone else, I’m learning my way around this new normal. The Kid is remote schooling, I’m remote working, and we’re all kind of enjoying this weird time together. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, and by all means, washing those hands šŸ™‚

xx – M

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