Poetry News

The home page of my blog used to look like this:

Not so anymore.

See that little “Poetry” tab? The place where you used to be able to click and read through some of my ramblings and rhymes – it’s gone.



Don’t worry – it still exists. All my work didn’t disappear into the black hole of the internet. I’ve simply made the page private.

At least for the time being.

At least until my book is released.

Book? Released? huh… what?

I know I haven’t published anything since 2017, but you read that right. I am releasing a book of poetry this year. In fact, this spring. It’s about five or six years in the making, and if I’m being honest, when I first started experimenting with poetry, learning my way around the beat of my own words, I never once thought any of it would become the innards of a collection. Stranger things have happened though, a fact we know all too well living under this farce of a government, but I digress…

Anyway, I’m working on it now, this collection of poetry, that has a title and a cover designer, but is still being sorted through and pored over, and hope to have it ready for publication in the next couple of months.

Until then, you can still find my words on Instagram at @madhuriwrites. And keep coming back here for updates and news, and love for my queen of queens, Rihanna.

xx, Madhuri


3 thoughts on “Poetry News

  1. Yay Madhuri! A book of poetry! I’ll be one of the first to grab a copy. Love Love Love this news. You are the best, and our world needs you and your strong and vital voice! ❤️

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