National Poetry Month Day 6


in a world that loves to tell women
you’re too thick
you’re too loud
you’re too opinionated
you’re too proud
exercise more
eat healthy
have babies
marry wealthy
dumb yourself down for that man
use this cream for those lines
don’t eat after 6pm
for god sakes crack a smile
baby sister, lean close
I’ve got a ceiling to shatter
you’re about to turn forty
trust me, none of that matters
they’re all lies perpetuated
by this male patriarchy
“you’re so old,
life is over”
what a load of malarkey
your forties are brilliant
the most magical days
you have the answers
you know the questions
the world is ablaze
nothing can stop you
other’s words matter little
their opinions are hot air
a side-eye cannot belittle
so sit back and enjoy
these last hours of thirty
shoot the world a sexy smile
wear something flirty
then know without a doubt
the other side is a blast
and say hello forty,
you gorgeous bastard
I’m here, at last!

April is National Poetry Month – one of my favorite times of year, where I attempt to write a poem every day. I’m having trouble writing these days, and I spent a week in Paris, so I’m already behind, but determined to catch up and write my thirty. They won’t be perfect, they never are, but they’ll be here, throughout the month of April.


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