A Writer’s Running Log, Days 8 and 9

I don’t run. I do yoga. And yet…

Wouter-Kingma-for-Nike-Pegasus-1 2

Random Thoughts While Running
day 8 – 3.4 miles
day 9 – 4.0 miles

  1. My day 8 run was so annoying because I cannot figure out how to get my Strava app to talk to me. This after complaining the apps are mocking me. But still – I need to know how far I’ve gone and how fast I’ve done it. And I need to know this information WHILE I’m doing it, not afterwards.
  2. I love running in the rain. I learned this on Day 9’s run. I was soaked to the bone and thrilled about it. Easily my favorite run.
  3. There is a point in my run through West and South Orange that I use as a marker of sorts. It lets me know where I am and how I should pace myself. This morning – Day 9 – maybe because of the rain – I was so into my run, I completely overlooked the marker. Ran right past it. And only thought about it maybe a mile and a half later.
  4. I averaged a 10:16 mile on Day 9’s run, but was on pace to break the 9 minute mark until it happened. The Tourists. Motherfucking tourists in the ‘burbs, I kid you not. At least they weren’t psycho killers or sex traffickers or something, which was what I thought at first when they followed me at a snail’s pace in their creepy white car. For a good three minutes, I kicked myself for not turning on the Beacon on my Strava app, especially when dude stopped the car and got out. But I’m here, typing this post, so obviously they didn’t kidnap me. Still. They ruined my time…jerks.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 9.38.05 PM


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