A Writer’s Running Log, Day 7

I don’t run. I do yoga. And yet…

Wouter-Kingma-for-Nike-Pegasus-1 2

Random Thoughts While Running – day 7 – 4.5 miles

  1. I joked to a friend the other day that I am a camel, hardly needing water. I learned on yesterday’s run that I am very obviously NOT a camel, and running while not well-hydrated leads to almost a mile and a half of cramps. I love learning lessons the hard way.
  2. J. Cole’s “She Knows” – killer running music.
  3. Even with those stupid cramps I could have run 5 miles yesterday, but I promised myself I would be smart and take it slow. Or slower. So I stayed under the 5 mile mark.
  4. Today is yoga and barre class, but my inner voice really wants to get outside and run. I don’t want to be stuck indoors. At the gym. I feel like my inner voice might win…

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