A Writer’s Running Log, Day 3

I don’t run. I do yoga. And yet…

Wouter-Kingma-for-Nike-Pegasus-1 2

Random Thoughts While Running – day 3 – 3.1 miles

  1. Shoes really do matter. I laughed at my friends Meisha and Mei as they talked to me about shoes and where to get them and how much to spend. But the fact of it is they were right – shoes make a world of difference. I bought some New Balance on Thursday from Super Runners World in midtown, near my office, and used them for the first time this morning. They’re the first new sneakers I’ve purchased in years and if I keep up this running thing, I can see how sneakers are going to become one of my main expenses. My run felt so different this morning with my feet well-cared for in these babies. 
  2. My mile is slow AF. I started using the Map My Run app during this morning’s run and at every mile, the woman’s gentle voice interrupts my music to let me know I’ve completed another mile. Slow. As. Fuck. Is she mocking me? That thought crossed my mind and I seriously contemplated it because I am quietly a competitive motherfucker and the possibility of being mocked by my app kind of got a little under my skin. Right now my mile is at 11 minutes. I would like to think it’s because I (foolishly) took the scenic route through my neighborhood and all of the hills slowed me down, but it matters little. 11 minutes is 11 minutes is 11 minutes. It sounds horribly slow.
  3. The hills. As much as I abhor the suburbs and living out here in West Orange, it is gorgeous. Stunning. The trees are magic. And running around here is a treat for the senses. That said, I should have thought it through a bit better this morning when I ventured off my path and headed up up up Walker Road. UGH. The hills around here are a bitch.
  4. Kanye West was a beast. Music is my thing, which by no stretch of the imagination means I listen to good music, only that music I love can motivate me like nothing else. Kanye West’s Black Skinhead is such music. I haven’t heard that song in a hot second and forgot just how get-off-your-fat-ass-and-move it is. Those drums, that beat, the chanting – total super hero theme music that had me running hard for it’s entire 3:06 minutes.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 9.38.05 PM


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