#DiveIntoPoetry – GIRL GANG



I am like a
vine untethered
there is no retreat
from the pain
you unleashed

I blow
whichever way
the wind takes me
caring less for
the who where what how
desperate for distraction


They gather
collecting the parts
I pretend do not exist
the hacked up bits of my heart
my bloody entrails
my eviscerated soul

They push
it all back
inside my skin
reaching deep and
moving things just so
unafraid of what they might find
the gore the ghastly the grisled remains
certain in their task
to love up on one of theirs
and make her whole

my Girl Gang

who listens as I cry
in the candlelit kitchen
over wine and whiskey
and more hummus than
one soul should ever ingest
then quietly insists
you could never handle me
I ran circles around you
you were not worthy

who types me a note
that my poetry makes
her heart hurt
and she hates you
but loves my words
then smirks and admits
she googled you
because she knew I would not
ever dream of doing
such a thing
and you are a liar
of this she is certain

who calls me
late at night
even though she knows
I hate the phone
to say she loves me
even if you do not
and that I will find another
more wondrous
more deserving
you were a mere
stepping stone
in this new path
called my
second act

who swings by my house
a car load of kids
bottles of liquor
and laughter on her tongue
fuck his UWS ass
you hate that
part of town anyway
he likes girls
childlike things to
play house with
and you my love
are 1000% woman

who watches all this
play out
without much to say
because she has never
been one to intrude
then one morning
out of the blue
whispers across the miles
that you might love me
this she believes
because she met you
and watched you
watch me
but you are not
my great love
because that man
will know
never ever ever
to let me go

and slowly
bit by bit
I laugh and I joke
and I return
to me
but on the mend
stronger and more certain
than I could ever
think possible

and I realize
I was wrong
there is a
from the
fuckery of you
it’s called my girls
they are my gang
and in case
you wondered
they will
cut a bitch

My #DiveIntoPoetry series is based on what I write inspired by the prompts of my poetry group led by the always-amazing Jena Schwartz. These pieces are works of fiction, maybe, kinda-sorta, erupting from my incredibly over-active imagination. They are unscripted, super loose, and free-flowing. They are perfect in their imperfections and I hope you enjoy.

Also, I have to send a virtual sloppy smooch to my Girl Gang – they know who they are and without them, I would not be where I am today: happy, writing, living my best life. I firmly believe every woman needs a Girl Gang and I firmly believe my Girl Gang is the best. In these dark days of Trump and grabbing pussies and men “handling” the women they cannot control, it’s vital to love up on our girlfriends, show our daughters the power of sisterhood and teach our sons the true essence of being a man.

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