#DiveIntoPoetry – THIS PLACE



This place is made of warm city evenings
full of wonder and surprise
sidewalks teemed with passersby
shedding the skin of the daily grind
buildings stretched to touch a sky grown
deep and soft pregnant with stars
and a bench
some whiskey
good conversation

This place thrums with the excitement
of warm breath
feather-soft touch
barely-there graze of skin on skin
secret places longing for discovery
sighs caught in throats clamped shut in the
silent bloom of ecstasy

This place holds peals of riotous laughter
in a dark kitchen cradled in the crux of a quiet suburban night
where streetlights soften the glare
of half-lived lives centered around PTA meetings and soccer and despair
all ignored and exchanged and never-existed
in this life of sex and words and deadlines and
all-consuming passion

This place remembered hours upon hours
of wondering where it came off the rails
and landed in a cesspool of incessant chatter and
imaginary but oh-so-real
cocaine-addled lesbian love affairs
because women were the enemy when really
the true killer came dressed in a bespoke suit
talked a fast game and knew his way
around a girl’s body and mind

This place burns with the slow drag of fingertips
across lips parted in a sigh full of longing and desire
where lust slips down thighs wet with kisses bruised and bitten
touch is like fire
skin scorched and aflame
bodies slide along ridges and planes to fit perfectly
into curves and hollows
pussy so swollen and wet and waiting to be
tasted and teased and
sucked and fucked

This place fled undercover of the night
before judgment came calling to reap what was sowed when
the rediscovery of wolves resulted in a run toward freedom and
away from the madness of bad choices and youth and maybe-love
but really hot sex
because what else was life if not about second-chances
or so said the fortune cookie pried open and read
that last night of shared takeout

This place feels sacred and reverent in the slow undulations
of hips and thighs wrapped around sweat-soaked
craven souls desperate for everything
each and every ounce of blood and cum and tears
soaked into skin so fair and so brown and what contrasts
come into play when the heart wants what
reality cannot comprehend much less permit
as the day-to-day has no understanding of
maddening intense must-have-you nows forever always

This place lies in repose
as if awaiting the redux
afternoons in a cafe
subway rides of shared private jokes
banter-filled mornings with pancakes and coffee and sex
kisses everywhere anywhere
all the while wondering
whether those moments mattered at all or maybe
they were one-sided and unrequited and all of the
I love yous and persistent aches and retellings of
Plato’s theory on soul mates was never meant
to be more than mere pillow talk

This place is soft and vulnerable and open
in ways most have never taken time to learn
lesser have quaked and faltered
assuming cold twisted black yet
hidden within the dark spaces buried deep behind walls
of snark and cutting commentary
down mysterious paths
pressed into cracks and fissures
lies untold warmth and laughter and light
rapturous passion
waiting to wrap around another
that other
the one

This place is simple and true
demanding and raw
brimming with despair
in the face of unfathomable silence
yet prideful and self-loving and
utterly uncompromising

This place is called my heart
there’s a seat for you
across from me
I’m saving it

My #DiveIntoPoetry series is based on what I write inspired by the prompts of my poetry group led by the always-amazing Jena Schwartz. These pieces are works of fiction, maybe, kinda-sorta, erupting from my incredibly over-active imagination. They are unscripted, super loose, and free-flowing. They are perfect in their imperfections and I hope you enjoy.

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