The Boudica Series: A Celebration of Women

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About a month ago, a friend from my writing group messaged me to say she thought I should meet her daughter, she felt like we would click, and that I would be a good fit for an upcoming project her daughter was putting together, featuring fierce women from all over the world, their stories, their work.

Enter Dominique Sinagra and The Boudica Series into my life.

Dominique is a star in her own right, an ambitious young woman, an accomplished playwright, a soft-spoken badass. And she’s putting together a week-long production in New York City this August, celebrating beautiful wondrous strong women, called The Boudica Series.

Dominique and I immediately took a liking to one another and ever since, have been tossing ideas back and forth about the week of women, the performances, and right now, fundraising.

Because before any of The Boudica Series can happen, we need to raise some funds to rent the Urban Stages space, pay some folks, hire some actors, donate to a local women’s shelter, and hundreds of other things one would never realize go into putting on a production until one is actually involved in putting on a production. You can read more about it in our fundraising proposal, flush with some serious swag for those of you with deep pockets, and our corresponding GoFundMe campaign.

The goal is to raise 19K and that’s where you come in – please take a look, make a donation, and spread the word to your friends and their friends and their friends. Even the smallest amount makes a difference to Boudica’s bottom line – there is no donation too small to help get The Boudica Series onto the stage.

To pique your interest and convince you to open your wallets, there’s a gorgeous video about the series and some general information about what Dominique and those of us helping her are hoping to accomplish with this production.

The Boudica Series will take place in New York City, during the final week of August at Urban Stages, just off Broadway. 

Our vision is three part. First is to present a weeklong festival of bold and brilliant women hosting talks, workshops, performances and readings on themes relevant to their wellbeing, creativity and empowerment. 

Secondly, the grand finale of the festival will feature an all-female retelling of the story of Joan of Arc by award winning writer and director, Dominique Sinagra. The piece uses stories of women and girls from around the world, including those of refugees, former child soldiers, African AIDS orphans, Untouchables in India, and women in the United States, weaving them into the fabric of the original Joan of Arc tale, celebrating the fierce and indomitable female spirit.

Thirdly, we will raise money, collect clothes and food to donate to a local women’s shelter. We intend for The Boudica Series to become an annual event. 

Women are a vital part of the tree of life, yet for millennia our voices have been oppressed and our bodies harmed. This has damaged the core of humanity. If we are to move into a more balanced paradigm, now is a time for a reckoning and now is the time for healing.

Through The Boudica Series we aim to give a voice to women who otherwise do not have one and a platform to explore aspects of the human experience often overlooked. Taking the women of The Boudica Series and combining them with the production of Joan of Arc, our goal becomes clear: create a global dialogue on what it means to be female today and how to better advance that reality. 

 To successfully achieve our vision of the first annual Boudica Series, we need to raise $19,910. This figure allows for the completion of the Joan of Arc script, the rental of the Urban Stages’ space for one week, the salary for one full time and two partime organizers, the actors performing in the Joan of Arc reading, and one song writer for original pieces, an assistant director, and advertisement costs to promote the series, as well as, a donotation to the women’s shelter.

 Please consider donating to our GoFundMe campaign by clicking —> HERE

It’s going to be a most amazing week of women and their stories – please help us make it a reality.

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