The twine that joins us
is taut tense
fraught with cruel impossibility
as if Fate became bored
with her daily shenanigans
and cast us in her crosshair
what once seemed calm
cool and collected
is now anything but

I know not what to do
with the reality of you
unattainable and yet
you are my perfection
to surely become
my life’s greatest irony
my one brutal heartbreak

If that is to be our truth
then break me lover
carve your initials on my soul
burn your name into my skin
kiss me into oblivion
shatter my everything
as I shall rise again

The #Poesia pieces on this blog and Write Bitches are works of fiction, erupting from my incredibly over-active imagination. They are slightly edited, totally unscripted, spontaneous, super loose, and probably some of my favorite works. They are perfect in their imperfections and I hope you enjoy.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 9.38.05 PM


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