#NationalPoetryMonth – Day 16



“Have you seen the mangoes?”
this evening
my auntie
caught me
off-guard with her iPhone
a well-placed smile
and a gleam in her eye
and before I knew it
I was taking a tour of
my Amachi’s house in India
feeling eight years old again
running down the back steps
past the jack fruit tree
the coconut palm
and the fresh-water well
straight for the cow shed
and an afternoon of
playing war
with my cousins

only the jack fruit tree has since been replanted
the coconut is no more
and between the well and the cow shed
is a fancy shed
much bigger and more modern
housing what
I don’t know
but I can tell you
it looks more spacious and better maintained
than some of the apartments
my friends have in Manhattan

next up was my Amachi’s bedroom
with her books
her vanity
and her bible
because only by the grace
of God did any of us
greet the morning
so you better show thanks
next door
my Achan
rest his soul
especially now that his bedroom
has been turned into
the girls’ room
the space for my mom
and her twin to rest their heads
when they come to visit
and want to be close
to their mom

the veranda looks different
and yet exactly the same
sprawling inviting familial
and as Auntie panned the space
I recalled a photo of me
lying on my uncle’s chest
in that comfy outdoor recliner
fast asleep in the Indian heat
further left
those chairs
the trio in white
I can still see my mom
and my aunts
watching us play late into the night
while the tree frogs called out
and the geckos scampered about
I wonder who sits there these days

then back to the kitchen
and my Amachi’s face
both so old and beautiful
wise and worn
neither requiring much upgrading
both forever functioning
as the perfect centerpiece
to our family
this home
my childhood memories

“Have you seen the mangoes?”
I have auntie
and they are lovely


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