#NationalPoetryMonth – Day 9



my name was written on
a piece of paper
that fell out of her purse
as she got out of the
West 4th street subway station
coming from Brooklyn
on the C train
got stuck on a skateboard
cruising up 6th ave
blew down 29th street
past the hipsters at The Ace Hotel
the gorgeous bartenders
at The Breslin
got stuck on a
French bulldog’s paw
then slipped into
a sidewalk crack
only to get picked up
and tossed about
on an uptown breeze
headed for Lincoln Center
Barnes & Noble
(it’s still open?!)
and that chino Latino
spot on the corner
of 103rd and Broadway
before finally coming to rest
atop the Diana Center
Barnard College
Morningside Heights
my name is written on
these city streets

April is National Poetry Month and to celebrate – inspired by that badass word warrior Jason Reynolds and my writing promptress Jena Schwartz – I’m going to post a poem every day. This one is based on a prompt from the stellar poet, Yasmin Glinton – check out her Instagram at @yasi.glinton – to write about my name was written on… They won’t be perfect, they never are, but they’ll be here, every day of April. I hope you stop by and enjoy the words and maybe even feel moved to share some of your own.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 9.38.05 PM


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