I have a huge crush on Juma Landry, one of the main characters from my soon-to-be released (fingers crossed) erotic romance, THE KEEPER SERIES. She’s confident, smart, brash, and sexy. She’s an in-your-face, knows-what-she-wants kind of woman and is not shy about getting some. She kind of reminds me of Darby from The Sanctum Trilogy, except where Darby is all fire and sass, Juma is sensual and light and just so damn sexy.

So yeah, I love her. Madly. I think you will, too, once you meet her.

She’s my woman crush for this Wednesday and to celebrate her, I’ve got a teeny-tiny snippet from JUMA, book II in The Keeper Series, that I’m working on right now. It’s short and sweet but it captures her perfectly.




2 thoughts on “#WomanCrushWednesday

    • Not yet, Jamaica. It’s still being shopped around to the publishing houses, so right now, just waiting to see what, if anything, happens. Keep your fingers crossed, but of course, should the traditional route not work, I will happily self-publish. Keep checking in for updates and thanks for stopping by and dropping a note. xx

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