#SundaySnippet – THE WARRIORS


The other day I received a note from someone who had just finished reading The Sanctum Trilogy and wanted to know when she was getting more, really kind of begged  to get more of the crew. More Wyatt and Dev, Ryker and Jools, Darby, Abha, Asher, Qi, Sam, and possibly even Carter.

I mean, as shitty as he is, you know you kind of want to know what happened to that motherfucker Carter Breslin.

So I can’t promise Wyatt and Dev, but there is more Ryker and Jools in the works. The Warriors to be exact. And just to whet your appetite, here’s a snippet.

He slipped into the room through the window, sliding it up noiselessly, as if he had done it hundreds of times before, then turned and closed it again. He gave himself a moment to adjust to the light while removing the blades from his back and setting them on top of the drawers, out of the way. Out of his sight. He then unwound the leather straps of his holster from around his shoulders and allowed the harness to fall at his feet. 

Then he saw it.


Covering his boots, screaming at him in the darkness. A reminder of all he witnessed. 

He froze as a cry formed in his throat, animalistic in its nature. His knees gave way and he collapsed against the wall, remembering it all. 

Every detail, every smell, every scream.  

Through a haze of pain and sickness, she heard him and knew something brutal, something unlike anything previously witnessed befell him. She stumbled from the bed, pulled by the horror of his cries, and cradled him to her as he wept.

He never fell apart, never gave into the sadness, the brutality of their existence, so this display of pure, unfiltered despair shook her but she tamped down the well of fear growing within and held onto him as tightly as possible. And finally he settled and calmed and met her gaze. 

“Let’s go,” Ryker whispered, “now.”

Hope you enjoyed…stay tuned…The Warriors are coming soon.

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