Life is quite ironic sometimes.

The most amazing things can happen, right alongside some of the most intense and crazy shit. And of course, at such times, the good is eclipsed by the bad, because the amazing stuff almost always gets lost in the shuffle of the nasty and foul.

Without going into detail, suffice to say, such has been my life as of late.  ALL of the good has gotten lost in the shit storm. I haven’t celebrated any of the victories I’ve experienced this Fall because my head has been wrapped around all kinds of crazy.

But whatever – shit happens.

I’m not going to complain, mostly because I know outside of my little existence, is a whole other level of shit-storming going on that makes mine look like child’s play.

Instead I’m going to put some shine on the good, the awesome, the epic.

If you read my little love letter to Meredith Wild, you know she’s been helping me in all kinds of ways, from hooking me up with the girls at Bare Naked Words, Wendy and Claire, my favorite Brits ever, to introducing me to her brilliant editor, Helen Hardt.

That’s just some of the good that’s happened the last couple of months.

But the really, really exciting news is that Meredith passed DUTCH along to her agent and guess what? Her agent loves DUTCH, so much so that she wanted to sign me as one of her clients.

FUCK YEAH, bitches.

It’s official!!

I am represented by
(the very badass)
of the
Rebecca Friedman Literary Agency


Kimberly is amazing and tireless and so damn enthusiastic about DUTCH that I can’t help but get caught up in her excitement and maybe even believe a little that something big might happen for me and my writing career. I’m not letting such thoughts occupy the forefront of my mind – that’s Kimberly’s job and I’m more than happy to let her do her thing – but I would be lying if I didn’t admit to here and there, feeling a twinge of hope and a touch of delight.


So there you have it – my good news.

And hopefully in the near future, I’ll be coming back to y’all with even more sweet words.

Fingers crossed for me and Kimberly and Dutch and Juma and all of their nasty sexy.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 9.38.05 PM



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