Six Things

I should be editing DUTCH right now, but my brain needs a break, some mindless fun to take the edge off and ease the pain. So of course, I turned to my Tumblr feed…heh-heh-heh…wicked smirk. Anyone who has seen my Tumblr feed – actually anyone who has their own Tumblr feed – understands my little inside joke. Much to my surprise, I found this “Six Things” post and thought it would be the perfect way to break up my writing day, so here goes

My Six Things

One song – right now, Adele’s HELLO, because I love her and holy smokes, I love that song. It hits me right in the feels every time, while inspiring an intense need to sing at the top of my lungs. It’s Adele at her moodiest, pitch-perfect best. God, I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

Two movies – Thelma & Louise because they’re so badass and because it makes me cry every time I watch it. And because of those scenes with Brad – “Well I may be an outlaw, darlin’, but you’re the one stealing my heart.” – and Star Wars because I’m a nerd like that and because of Han.


Three shows – Friday Night Lights – if you must ask why,  then I am sorry for you; Breaking Bad – those seasons with Gus and Walter, god, the brilliance; Sex and the City – because of Carrie and Miranda and Samantha and Charlotte, there’s really nothing else to say.


Four people – David Gandy, duh; Lisa Bonet, because she is Lisa and she made me love my brown skin; Judy Blume, because of Margaret and Blubber and Peter and Sally J, because of periods and wet dreams and brothers named Fudge; Han Solo, not Harrison Ford, but Han Solo.


Five foods – Kitfo, the Ethiopian version of steak tartare; my mom’s eggplant curry; the warm Lentil salad at Lucky Strike; Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream; Cafe Bustelo, because in my world, coffee is one of the major food groups.


Six books – One Hundred Years of Solitude; The Namesake; Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy; Got Style?; All American Boys; Nights with Him, because I have to include some sexy and seriously, Jack is fucking hot.


What are your six? Hit me with ’em.



5 thoughts on “Six Things

  1. One song: 6969 by Ninja Sex Party. A funny, epic song that is turning the wheels in my mind

    Two movies: The Dark Knight redefined movies for me and Return of the Jedi made me love movies

    Three Shows: Supernatural just hits me in all the right places, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr just makes me feel alive and have that adventure waiting for me. The Drew Carey Show because it never failed to make me laugh.

    Four people: George Lucas who inspired me to dream. Janina Gavankar who keeps chasing and conquering her dreams while being a badass. Rosario Dawson for being a goddess and being a powerful figure and Stephen Amell for being a superhero in both real life and on TV.

    Five foods: Pizza, Tacos, Spaghetti, Burgers and dark chocolate.

    Six books: White Fang and Johnny Tremain for being the books that let me enjoy reading as a kid, The Tomb by F Paul Wilson for introducing me to fantasy, Storm Front for making me want to be a writer, Damoren by Seth Skorkowsky for showing me how I want to write and A Tree Born Crooked because it thrilled me like no other recent books.

    • Nate, The Dark Knight – great choice. Wow. Not sure I can get down with Return of the Jedi – I always feel like it had so much potential, and then ended so corny. Luke was going dark, Luke had gone dark, and then they wimped out and backed off that truth. Still irks me. Rosario Dawson, fuck yeah. She’s one of those women who I wish was a close girlfriend, she’s just so badass. Pizza and burgers…yes…we could totally eat together. And I’m totally scoping out most of your books since I haven’t read them and am now curious. Thanks for sharing your six…I feel like I kind of know you now. xx

  2. My writer friend, Les Edgerton, did a workshop on Thelma and Louise that I went to. He thinks it’s the perfect screenplay and went through all of the symbolism and character arcs. A brilliant study for a really good movie. My grandsons watched Star Wars over and over again. I still love it. And I’ve always loved Lisa Bonet.

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