This Woman, I Love Her

Meredith-Wild-1873 by Birch Blaze photography

Do you know this woman?

Fans of The Hacker Series will tell you she writes a white, hot sex scene, loves her whiskey, and knows a thing or two about about dominating the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and any other best seller list out there. She’s the romance genius behind Erica Hathaway and Blake Landon, has run several internet businesses, and is a mother of three.

She’s badass, she’s dope.

She’s Meredith Wild.

And by some dumb fucking luck, she’s taken me under her wing, imparted bits of her knowledge here and there, and taught me her very special brand of gangsta.

Because she is awesome like that.

Full disclosure: we have a friend in common. One of my close colleagues and favorite person to make mischief with is one of her best friends, hence the intro. But wow – the guidance and support Meredith has shown me goes WAY beyond doing a favor for a friend. She’s been so open and available since day one when I called and peppered her with a ton of questions, because seriously people, how often is it you get to chat with a multi-million dollar, best-selling romance writer?

In my life, ummmm, that would be never.

Until Meredith.

So of course, I called her. And then emailed her. And texted her. And just generally infiltrated her life in ways neither she nor I expected, mostly because she’s mad cool and we totally clicked, but also because she’s mad cool and willing to share what she’s learned in this game of writing and publishing and I am a sponge, soaking all of it in, applying it to the best of my abilities.

Fast forward to this past August and I get a message from Meredith, saying that she’s reading Dutch and loving it. (FUCK YEAH!) Then the email, so long and detailed and thorough, full of great suggestions and the opinion that if I worked with an editor, I could make Dutch something special. Then the message that maybe her editor, Helen Hardt, could take a look at a sample of Dutch and suggest an editor for me, followed by the message that Helen read my sample and was willing to take me on as a client. (HOLY SHIT!) Then the other day she sent me a note saying she spoke to our editor – okay, how cool is it that I get to say “our” editor – and Helen loves my voice and called me “poetic” (DYING), followed by a message that Meredith passed a sample of Dutch to her agent, Kimberly Brower of The Rebecca Friedman Agency, who loved it and if I was interested, wanted to rep me.

And here is where I had my WHAT THE FUCK moment, because really, what the fuck was happening? Was it really happening? I still can’t believe it happened.

But it happened, all right. All of that I just described happened. Meredith did all of that for me. I still can’t believe it, am not sure why she’s gone out of her way for me, but am so freaking thankful I could cry.

I’ll probably never be able to thank her enough but one thing is for certain, I’m going to do my damnedest to make her proud and maybe one day, because of her and everything she’s done for me, I’ll be able to pay it forward and do the same for another writer.

Until then, know this: Meredith is magic, she is a gift, and I love her. Madly.

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