#WednesdayFreeWrite – WHAT MATTERS



What matters 
is that I saw him
dark and dangerous
coiled and ready
to lash out with barbed words
and poison

and yet I persisted
because I knew

What matters
is that I felt his presence
before I heard his voice
and despite his best efforts
he could not help
but wrap himself around me
without touching me at all

and yet I persisted
because I knew

What matters
is that he stayed
and chatted
because most of those things
are foreign to him
but he was willing
and almost eager
to try them with me

and so I persisted
because I knew

What matters
is that I love her
her darkness and charm
full mouth and perfect tits
just as much as I love him
but she was never to be mine
of this I always knew
whereas I am written
all over his soul
no matter his denials
and denouncements

and so I persisted
because I knew

What matters
is that she released me
from her touch
her kiss
her brilliance
her pussy
so I could embrace him
as I was meant to
with arms wrapped around his neck
lips pressed to his throat
skin on skin
legs tangled

and so I persisted
because I knew

What matters
is that his eyes
so full of pain and bitterness
as they catch mine across the room
and his pulse races
at the thought of me
despite his insistence
I am everything he does not need

and because I persisted
this I know

What matters
are his lips
moving up my thigh
as my hands tangle in his hair
and he sighs
because my touch
is everything

What matters
are his hands
yet firm
spreading me wide
as his eyes
and full of desire
claim me as his
with one heated glance
to do with as he will

What matters
are my hands
on his zipper
and my lips
on his waist
as his scent
that is so him and so powerful
engulfs me
while his dick throbs
begging for whatever
I’m willing to offer

What matters
is touching
each other

What matters is
his laughter
so easy and light
released into the darkness
kissed into my soul
a sound so sweet
and one I never dared dream
to hear

What matters
are his secrets
whispered into the night
as I listen
and consider sharing my own
then draw back
and resist
because tonight is his
to unburden himself to me
and know that no matter what
he says
I love him

What matters
is him
until sadly
the ground heaves
reality quakes
and everything we dared trust
is rent asunder
leaving us
with the bitter knowledge
that despite what we foolishly believed
(our love makes us special)
the harsh truth is that
nothing matters at all.

This week, I used my #WednesdayFreeWrite prompt – What Matters – to get back into the heads of my characters, Dutch and Juma, and prep myself for writing book II of their story. My #WednesdayFreeWrite series is based on what I write during the 10 minutes allotted my writing group’s Wednesday Prompt. It’s unedited and unscripted, super loose and probably my favorite ten minutes of the week. It’s perfect in its imperfections and I hope you enjoy.

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