That Man


That Man

He’s waiting in that pool
trying to distract me
with his bedroom eyes
and his lusty smirk
and his hands that know
me better than I know myself

He’ll press his lips
to that spot on my neck
at that time in the morning
when I’m almost awake
but not really
and I’ll come undone
with that touch of wet heat

He’ll lean close
and whisper an inside joke
as we walk into a crowded dinner party
and his mouth
on the shell of my ear
will make my eyes dance
and my pussy drip

He’ll know
when I’m tightly wound
and angry
that’s it not him
and it’s not meant for him
that I can’t help it
I’m pissed
And as I’m raging and ranting
he’ll listen and take it
and then fuck me stupid
against that wall in the hallway

He’ll pay attention
to the details
and know
my eyes are light brown
there are two freckles by my left tit
my serious wounds keloid
I take my bourbon neat
he’ll know small remembereds matter
and he’ll tunnel a thousand of them
straight to my soul

He’ll fuck me in the bathroom
of our favorite bar
wildchild style
like the rockstars we are
(some days)
then two nights later
escort me to the work function
where I’m the keynote speaker
looking chic and stunning
in his bespoke suit
and Ferragamo shoes
as he guides me to our table
his hand resting just so
on the small of my back

He’s waiting in that pool
to fuck me up down and sideways
and make me come
and again
and again
so why the hell
am I still here
talking to you?

My friend, fellow Write Bitch and Editor at Fifty Shades of WOC in Romance, Kayti Nika Raet, posted this photo of Godfrey Gao on our Fifty Shades page and asked us to respond: “I need hotness in the comments ASAP!” I thought the photo was the perfect writing prompt, so I ran with it. Like my #WednesdayFreeWrite posts, this is unedited and imperfect, so enjoy it and all its little imperfections. And enjoy Godfrey because seriously, he is hot. as. fuck.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 9.38.05 PM


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