#Poesia – Fuck Adulting



A note to my sixteen year old self
that hyped-up being
full of wonder and angst
passion and enthusiasm
mind-boggling naiveté

Trust me, Georgia peach

Fuck adulting
it sucks

I know your Duran Duran-loving ass
isn’t going to listen to a word I have to say
because you believe
by age twenty-five you’ll live in a huge Soho loft
have fabulous friends
and date sinfully gorgeous boys
because you’re just that damned special

But trust me, little girl

Fuck adulting
it sucks

I know your pompous
too fucking smart for your own good
Barnard ass
is eager to graduate
because there’s a bigger world beyond those gates
just waiting to embrace you
and celebrate you
and hear you roar in all your fierce womanhood.

But trust me, Seven Sister

Fuck adulting
it sucks

I know being unemployed hurts
and parental threats loom
and suddenly there is law school
and stifling conservatism
and the Socratic Method
But slow down, hot stuff
just for a second
and smell the torts
revel in the hearsay
estop yourself
because the job market is weak
and ain’t nothing sexy about
billable hours and face-time

So trust me, masalamama

Fuck adulting
it sucks

It’s freedom
but it’s also
financial burdens
family strife
savings accounts
long nights
too-short vacations
car notes
not enough me-time
little league
too much job
not enough writing

So yeah
like I was saying

Trust me

Fuck adulting
it sucks.

Okay, I feel much better now. I needed to get that rant off my little chest and out into the ether and I can now breathe easy and go do some yoga and just chill the fuck out. I’m having one of those moments and this ranty poem sprang from the clusterfuck that is my current state of being.

But don’t be fooled – just because I’m feeling kind of calm and somewhat zen doesn’t mean I take back a word of what I said.

Fuck adulting. It sucks.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 9.38.05 PM


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