#SundaySnippet – DUTCH, The Keeper Series Book One



“You never said my name,” he tried to sound casual although his statement was anything but and he knew it and that’s when I knew he had been waiting all night to hear his name cross my lips but it never did and now it was time to part ways.

I bit my lower lip and studied my feet for a second fidgeting under his gaze his need his vulnerability and I considered myself and him and everything I was about to do and I wished I had more time to analyze and proceed with caution but I didn’t because he needed something right then and I had to decide whether I wanted to be the girl to give it to him or tell him to leave me the fuck alone.

“Spread your legs,” I ordered as I moved towards him and gestured, “wider.” And his eyes filled with that feral fear I saw earlier when I came too close for comfort but he did as I said and I moved into the space he created for my body and I made sure not to touch him because I knew I had already gone too far.

“I don’t know what you were trying to accomplish the other night when you gave me that little lecture about touch,” I started nice and slow my voice low just for him, “but you were right, I am the kind of woman a man takes his time with – he touches me everywhere because he wants to possess me leave his mark so to speak and his lips linger on my body and his hands slip between my legs and he kisses my pussy because he wants to and because I love to be touched. And even though you say you don’t want to touch me I know you do I feel it in the heat rolling off you in waves I hear it in your voice I see it right now while I’m talking to you and your dick is fighting to break free of the confines of your jeans.”

“And that,” I glanced down at his crotch and he glanced down and neither of us moved and he didn’t even breathe, “is all right because there is nothing more I want than to touch you I crave it just like you said I would. I want to run my hands up your thighs and press my palm against that fucking huge bulge and listen to you moan while my lips press to your throat and I taste the salt of your sweat. I want to climb into your lap and grind my wet pussy against you and wrap my fingers in your hair and kiss you so deeply you lose your breath. I want you to touch my face and lips and throat and kiss me softly as if I’m delicate and I matter and am not just the girl you slammed into the door and pretended to fuck like a whore. And I want you to whisper in my ear that you have never seen anyone so beautiful and that I feel. so. good.”

“But I know you can’t do those things that they break all of your rules in epic fashion so much that you might never recover from such an encounter, so here’s the deal: I will say your name if you let me touch you.”

He leaned away from me fast and panicked and something wild flashed in his eyes and I almost felt bad for the devil’s deal I offered him but I refused to relent because if he wanted a part of my soul I wanted a part of his. Tit for tat.


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