#BookReview – EVERYTHING SHE NEVER WANTED by Tasha L. Harrison


Erotic Romance

published May 2015

Tasha L. Harrison packs quite a bit of sexy into EVERYTHING SHE NEVER WANTED, book two of The Lust Diaries, including friendship, reruns, threesomes, and old hurts. It’s a lot of ground to cover but she handles the task with the same fresh attitude and dirty sexy mouth I fell for in the first book of The Lust Diaries, IN HER CLOSET.

Back again are writer Yves Santiago and editor Elijah Weinstein, working together on publishing Yves’ new book and testing the limits of their budding relationship, both emotionally and sexually. These two are sexy as ever, but I also found it nerve-wracking to read their exploits this time around, maybe because I “know” them already and fear for their every. bad. move. Because hot damn, they make a million of them.

Tasha did a great job of making me fall in love with Yves in book one, then turned around and made me find her annoying and childish in book two. I’m not sure this was purposeful, but I found the deconstruction of Yves quite impressive. Gone was the smart, brash, ballsy woman I met in book one and in her place was a hesitant, self-conscious, sometimes foolish woman in book two. Interestingly, the regression didn’t make me dislike Yves at all – a testament to Tasha’s writing prowess and stellar character development – but rather, I look forward to book three and the (hopeful) reclamation of Yves’ original self.

And who had a hand in this back-peddling transformation of Yves? Her lover and editor, Elijah, that sexy, smart, BDSM enthusiast who pushes Yves’ limits again and again, oftentimes too far and with unfortunate repercussions.  I’ll admit, his tests of her sexual appetite make for some of the hottest sex scenes in the book – think threesomes, think girl-on-girl – written with Tasha’s skillful, intelligent, filthy hand, but ultimately left me wondering where such risky, impulsive behavior would lead the couple.

Add both Yves’ and Elijah’s old flames to this mix and you just know this won’t end well.

But you know what? When you close the cover on EVERYTHING SHE DIDN’T WANT, you’ll be fiending for book three of The Lust Diaries

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 1.36.01 AM

and fuck if that doesn’t end well for Tasha and her sexy book.

Grab your copy of EVERYTHING SHE NEVER WANTED now, read it, and then help me harass Tasha into finishing book three…like yesterday.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 9.38.05 PM


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