#BookReview – BREAKING FAITH by Joy Eileen



August 18, 2015

first love



For a debut novel, Joy Eileen spares no punches with BREAKING FAITH, the first book in her JackholeS Series. She dives right into the harsh shit, the violent shit, the scary shit and comes out on the other side, leaving her readers with a glimmer of hope, a ray of light, a hint of promise.

Right there, some of you who have read the book might say, hold up, Madhuri, you’ve got it all wrong, the book is full of hope and light and promise because Faith escaped, but that escape was only the beginning.

For those of you who have not read the book, I’m sad for you and also kind of laughing…because I’m a snarky bitch like that and kind of love the fact that I have an ARC and you don’t.

And even though I hate giving recaps of a book in my reviews, since BREAKING FAITH hasn’t released yet, I’ll go against my nature this one time and be kind of nice and give you enough background on it so you know what is the what. Here goes:

Faith meets Jason, who’s gorgeous and charming and knocks her off her feet. They start dating, he turns into a raging asshole with some serious violence issues, she suffers his abuse until she says enough is enough and escapes. She stumbles into a bar and a crew of up-and-coming rock stars and Kill and begins the process of healing herself.

Of course there’s more to the story, so much more, but you’re going to have to grab the book to get all the poignant, sometimes funny, sometimes sexy details.

What I will say is this: Joy does a great job of taking us through the destruction of a young woman by the man she thought loved her, having us live through her heartache and stress and fear. And let me tell you, that stress and fear is palpable – you cringe and your pulse races as you wait for Jason’s next explosion. She then walks us through Faith’s slow and purposeful and determined reclamation of herself and this is what I was talking about earlier – for me that healing process is the glimmer of hope Joy sows in tiny pieces here and there throughout her novel. It’s long and bumpy and just when you think Faith will move forward, she takes a couple of steps backwards, but I loved that about her and found her journey to be refreshingly realistic.

Because we all know what we really wanted to have happen. We wanted Hollywood, lights, camera, sex.

We wanted Kill.

We wanted that moody, sensitive, caring rocker with the sexy, dirty mouth ALL over Faith. We wanted Faith all over him. We wanted them together in the most basic of terms, fucking each others’ brains out every night after work…because we’re all filthy bitches like that.

Instead, Joy teases us, toys with us, makes us all tingly and hot because even though we all love Kill, and we especially love Kill loving all up on Faith, Joy knows that first and foremost, Faith needs to love herself. She needs to heal and put herself back together, slowly and carefully, and once she’s done that, then maybe Faith and Kill will have a future of loving each other.

Unfortunately for us, we’ll have to wait for book II in the series to see if that finally happens.

I hope you’re somewhere right now, furiously writing, Joy. And I hope whatever you’re writing includes lots of Faith and lots of Kill doing lots of deliciously dirty things to each other.

Because I’m a raunchy bitch like that and I know you are, too, girlfriend.


To snag your own copy of BREAKING FAITH before its August 18th release date, click HERE.


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