#BookReview – The FIT Trilogy by Rebekah Weatherspoon




Published June 2014 – April 2015

First things first, I’m a sucker for a good romance. So much so, that often if your book doesn’t have at least a hint of it, I tend to lose interest. I admitted as much in my recent radio interview.  Add some kink to the fun and I’m sold.  The more kink, the better, because I’m a little filthy like that. Include some diversity in your cast of characters and honestly, I’m yours forever.

So it makes perfect sense that when I discovered Rebakah Weatherspoon on Twitter, I immediately added her FIT Trilogy to my TBR pile. As soon as I finished writing Dutch, I dove into her world of sorta kinky, totally diverse, sexy trainers, their clients, and friends.

I pretty much devoured the trilogy in about five hours. The books are short and sweet, romantic with a touch of not-so-vanilla sex, but what I really, really, really love about them is all of the fabulous, luscious, sensual diversity, written the way I like it: not in your face, making a huge statement, banging you over the head every ten words kind of diversity, but rather just a simple, very matter-of-fact, very everyday kind of living diversity. It’s real and it’s representative and it’s fucking refreshing to read in a genre dominated by white girls and their billionaire (white) boyfriends.

Bravo, Rebekah.

I also must say, as a woman I really appreciate the fact Rebekah creates women who are curvy and athletic and strong and their men find them fucking sexy as shit. They’re not model thin, ten feet tall, Giselle wannabes – they’re real, with some muscles and some curves, and are pretty content with that state of being. It’s such a healthy take on the female body and mind and I have to say, it’s all kinds of sexy. There’s nothing quite like reading a woman who is confident in her own skin, loves her body, and speaks her mind. Seriously, that alone gets me all hot and bothered and is one of my favorite aspects of Rebekah’s books.

And finally, even though I don’t want to play favorites, I’ve gotta give a shout out to the final title in the trilogy, Sated, and the story of Daniel and Keira and their kinda sorta kinked up nerd love. Their banter, their energy, their nerdiness is endearing and because their story is short and sweet, as are all of the books in the trilogy, you close the cover wanting more. More Keira, more Daniel, more nerd love.

So thanks, Rebekah, for giving me my trifecta: romance + kink + diversity. And like I said, I’m now a fan forever.


and of course, don’t forget


because one day soon, it’s going to be a Twitter trending topic.

In the meanwhile, grab Rebekah’s books and enjoy the men and women of FIT.


2 thoughts on “#BookReview – The FIT Trilogy by Rebekah Weatherspoon

  1. Omg yes! Sated was my fuckin favorite! Since my ass ain’t read them in order(Sated had first priority because it was BWAM) the first two had a lot to compete with for me. Keira and Daniel were the shit and Ioved how silly and geeky Keira was and how Daniel accepted her as she was. And let’s not forget he was disabled and a man of color and sexy as fuck. Rebekah didn’t strip him of his humanity and sexuality because of his disability and I friggin love her for that! Plus she’s a champion for diversity in romance! This was just an awesome series!

    • Which goes to my point that she writes diversity in a “simple, very matter-of-fact, very everyday” kind of way instead of making a big deal of it. I love that she didn’t make a big thing of Daniel’s disability and in fact, the way he uses his arm is pretty fucking sexy. I loved this couple and if Rebecca decides to bulk up any of these stories, I hope it’s this one.

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