#BookReview – MONSTER by Kayti Nika Raet


YA Dystopia

Published July 18, 2015

Don’t Get Killed

In MONSTER, Kayti Nika Raet does it again, bringing the fierce and amazing with her fourth installment of The Outsider Chronicles. Set mostly in the city of Cherai, MONSTER recounts Niko’s desperate struggle to maintain control of the city while killers roam the streets, Slithers haunt the dark spaces, and death and desire commingle in such unfair interplay that one can only close their eyes, hold their breath, and hope.

For what, I’m not sure.

A happy ending, I doubt it.

Perhaps some hints of laughter and light, here and there.


But that’s a conversation for book five.

Right here and right now I can tell you that MONSTER grabs hold of the reader from page one and never lets go. As usual, Kayti excels in the action and fight sequences, thrilling and terrorizing with each slash of a blade or hiss of a Slither. She also exhibits a mastery of the quiet, the fraught, the hushed.

There is not a single extraneous word anywhere in Kayti’s manuscript, each one matters, and you get the sense they’ve been pored over and considered and studied with the eye of a meticulous word warrior determined to bring her readers to their knees. And here she succeeds tenfold.

MONSTER, for all its horror and despair, is full of the feels. Everywhere.








It’s all here and it’s brutal and gorgeous and stunning and you find yourself wanting to stay lost in Kayti’s world of perfect words forever.

And then for a raunchy bitch like myself, there’s Chapter 37. I kind of feel like Kayti wrote that chapter for me and my filthy little heart. #TeamSonghay because really, must you ask? And if you must, don’t. Just get the book already.

The first time I read MONSTER, I told Kayti she did the impossible and wrote the perfect novel. After reading it a second time, I stand by that statement: MONSTER is perfection.

Bravo, Kayti, you badass #WriteBitch.

Oh, and girlfriend, if you’re starting to smell yourself right now, thinking about all the ways to kill Songhay for your big grand bloody finale, you better reconsider, love. #justsaying


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