It’s time, peeps.

Not for Kanye – I just love that song and couldn’t resist the chance to include it in a blog post. And I know, my adoration of Kanye is considered by many to be a serious character flaw, but whatever. I never told y’all motherfuckers I was perfect.

Anyway, what I’m really wanting to go off about is the launch of MONSTER, book IV in Kayti Nika Raet’s The Outsider Chronicles. It drops tomorrow and to celebrate, she’s throwing a badass party from 6-10 pm, chock full of authors and books, tons of swag and of course, all kinds of swagger.


You don’t want to wake up Sunday morning and find out you missed all the shenanigans and seriously, Kayti is awesome and her series is the shit.

I say it all the time – you want The Outsider Chronicles in your life.

I would not lead you astray, people.

Come to the party.

Get the books.

Meet Niko.

Develop a new appreciation for a baseball bat.

Fall in love with a badass girl and her even bigger badass creator.

I’ll even hand over the link to the party: MONSTER launch party

Now you have no excuse.

I fully expect to see you there tomorrow night. I’m there from 8:30-9 so come say hi, win some books, meet Dutch and Juma and shoot the shit.

Don’t make me come find you.




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