#WednesdayFreeWrite – MUSEUM

Fave tattoo

Beginning at my toes
that mark right there
on my left foot
that damn vase from Ikea
did a number on me
because I had to learn the hard way
sometimes it doesn’t pay to be such a cheap bitch

My left ankle
that rose
I was eighteen
and tattoos were still illegal
and he was hot
and had his own spot in the Bronx
Boogie Down, bitches
where he inked folks in the dim light
of his dank apartment
because I needed that mark on my skin
right then and right there

Cross to my right knee
that nasty looking
mess of a keloid
Playing softball
running the bases like a badass
falling like a fool
That rock jutting out of my leg was nasty
this scar is worse
Because when given the option
I was too chicken for stiches

Move to my right hip
that sexy flower
that no one sees
unless I want them to
A hulking biker gave me that one
told me it was going to hurt like a motherfucker
but it was going to make my lover come
And he was right
about both
Because I love having hidden layers of sexy
all over my body

Further north
above my pubic bone
below my belly button
sits that scar of life
My C-section
that all the doctors love to come and admire
because my doctor
badass that she is
gave me a beauty
my scar is perfectly small and almost invisible
Because my hips were too narrow and
he was too big to come out
the other way

My wrists
and arms
bear my truths
Ganesha, my guiding spirit
Meraki, my word to live by
and The Kid at the beach with a mohawk
Because why the fuck not

My clavicle
three stars
my loves
Because they matter

Move to my back
and discover my belief system
whatever happens happens
que sera sera
endho edha
my parents’ tongue
Because that tiny phrase
captures my many selves

And finally my brow
that line cutting through the thick black
screaming “I am here – see me”
and looking a little badass
when I don’t fill it in with makeup
Because once upon a time I was twelve
and refused to listen to my mom
to come inside because it was dark
and instead stayed outside chasing the neighborhood Boxer
as he raced through the night
and slipped under the wire
that caught me so fast
and split my skin so deep
and taught me that sometimes my mom was right
and it was too fucking dark to be outside.

My body, the museum.
A trip worth taking
if I might say so myself.

My #WednesdayFreeWrite series is based on what I write during the 10 minutes allotted for my writing group’s Wednesday Prompt. Which means this week, I totally forgot about my tattoo on my rib cage – “Forever they loved” – important because Wyatt and Dev were my first and my everything and I love them madly. I also skipped over the one on my right shoulder, the spiral within the sunburst representing the eternal power of the goddess, because my wildflower for life has one, too, and we got them together because we’re corny like that.


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