#WednesdayFreeWrite – LOVE OR MONEY

Last Wednesday’s prompt was threefold:
1. out of work writer
2. new ability to hear others’ thoughts
3. chooses love or money

*now that I think on it, not sure these two ever loved each other


I could hear everything she was thinking
wondering how we arrived at this space
when did this become our reality

She didn’t even like me like that

She’s hot
but she’s a fucking bitch
and she doesn’t have a goddamned job
And I hate the way she smokes in the house
despite the fact I’ve asked her not to a million times

But I like her tits
and the sex is great
so what if we can barely stand each other’s conversation
I can just fuck her and go to work

I heard all of that
and wondered if she knew
if she even cared

And could she also hear me

“babe,” I say with a sexy smile as I smoke my cigarette in our kitchen just to piss her off
“guess what I’m thinking right now.”

She keeps tucking in her shirt
getting ready for her fancy job downtown
the one with all the numbers and suits and dick-waving
the one where she has the biggest dick of them all

Then she finally glances at me for a second
because I’m smoking like the bitch I am
and growls, “I have no idea. I’ve gotta get to work.”

I smile
because she’s leaving the apartment
well sucked and fucked
and totally clueless as to my capability

So she has no idea
that I, too, find her abhorrent
and stick around for a place to live
and because right now I’m not in the mood for random fucks
and in the grand scheme of things
even though sometimes her pussy is kind of stank
she’s got fabulous tits

And she has no idea
when she comes home tonight
from her fucking lame job
I will be so gone
totally out of here
sayonara bitch

This new thing
hearing people’s thoughts and shit
This shit is going to make me rich, bitches


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