#WednesdayFreeWrite – THE LIE I BELIEVED



The lie I believed was fed to me by my mother and her sisters and their mother and my alma mater – all of these fierce, brilliant women who claimed I could have it all. As a child I distinctly remember my mother telling me not to listen to those fools who said I must get married, to ignore the idiots who claimed the only way to be a real woman was to have a child, and that it was okay if I wanted a kid without a man, I didn’t have to be married to have the kid. Because you know what – I could do anything, could have it all, could be whatever I wanted to be – nothing mattered. I took that shield of mighty female empowerment and my little Southern ass and stomped up to Barnard, ready to light the world on fire, rage with my woman power, be the mighty girl I was meant to be. And holy shit, Barnard fueled that fire. Don’t call yourself a girl, you’re a woman. And you can do anything. Look at all those women around you, these basasses with tits and pussies, you all fucking rock. You are wondrous and mighty and men will tremble when your name is called. You are stellar examples of womanhood and all it can be. You are Barnard women – now go forth and do you. Ha! Fucking liars. Here’s what I know – yes, I am a badass bitch, do not fuck with me, I will cut you and it will bleed. I am also soft and cuddly and I like to laugh, I love my man, and yes, I even have a kid. I have a job that pays the bills and another that fuels my passion and makes me feel whole, but couldn’t cover any of my bills…yet. And sadly, I cannot have it all. At least not at the same time. It comes in stages, spurts, fits and starts and I just need to be aware and alive and on my shit to catch it and enjoy it because once it’s passed, that chance to do that one aspect of the many that make up “having it all”, it might take a really, really long ass time to come back around.

My #WednesdayFreeWrite series is based on what I write during the 10 minutes allotted for my writing group’s Wednesday Prompt. So for this prompt, I didn’t have time to explain that my mom and aunts and grandmother are total badasses or that I love my college and the woman it helped create or that in the long run, although it’s hard as hell, I’m happy I believed the lie because that belief fuels the woman I am today. So now you know. Cheers motherfuckers.


Kill The Monsters

I managed to get my grubby hands on a copy of Kayti Nika Raet’s MONSTER a little early and let me tell you, it is ALL kinds of amazing. Like you’re going to curl up with it and never move until you read the last word, it’s that good. So get ready because as soon as it drops, you’re going to want a copy. #thankmelater

Write Bitches

*happy dance*

If you’re follower of my main blog, you may have already seen my super excited extra special announcement. If you’re not… well then you should be. But in any case, I’m happy to tell you guys that I’m finally finished with Monster, the fourth book in The Outsider Chronicles. It’s set to be released on July 18th and I’m so, so, SO EXCITED.

It’s going to be awesome.


In a world full of flesh eating creatures,

sometimes humans are the more terrifying monsters.

It’s been three months since revolution swept through the city of Cherai and ousted Councilwoman King. Banished,  the city now has a chance to recover from decades of injustice and oppression. With the help of Ben, Songhay, and the Gemini Gang, Niko works towards building a more egalitarian society.

But someone is murdering Slither hunters.

And coupled with the councilwoman’s reappearance, all of Niko’s…

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Miss Jackson If You’re Nasty

Oh man, did you listen to “No Sleep”?

It’s so Janet and so 90s and so freaking good. Girlfriend can slow jam it with the best of them when she wants and “No Sleep” is another one of those bangers that gets your hips moving just so, nice and slow, all up in your partner’s space, working it.

It’s sex for the ears – so good and so nasty – and you know my dancing ass has it on a slow repeat rotation.




#TeaserTuesday – DUTCH, The Keeper Series Book One

Dutch Mathews is a lethal killer for The Gate.
Juma Landry has nine lives.
He is tasked with ending each and every one of them.
She isn’t going to make that easy.

The Keeper Series Book One
coming soon


In honor of #Teaser Tuesday, here’s a snippet from my upcoming urban fantasy, DUTCH, book one in The Keeper Series. If you love your raunch with a twist of romance, then make sure to add DUTCH to your Goodreads “to read” shelf by clicking HERE


“I know you’re not leaving without telling me what’s in that envelope.”

I paused and closed my eyes, pressing my hands to my lids and releasing a long, slow hiss.

“You should just let me go,” I turned back to her and leaned against the door.

“But that’s no fun,” she came from behind the bar, drying her hands on her jeans.

“Nothing about me is fun.”

“Oh, I doubt that, drunk boy,” she stated without a smile, a certainty in her tone as if she knew me.

“Don’t,” I warned as she neared.

“Don’t what,” she stopped about a foot away, leaving enough space between us for me to almost breathe easy.

“Engage me.”

She laughed, low and sexy and deep.

“Who said anything about engaging you? I just want to fuck you.”

Don’t forget


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The Craziest Thing Happened Today

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 12.39.32 AM

For all of you Jacks and Kellys and Chads and Michelles, things like this happen everyday. You see your name everywhere – in newspapers, on buses, in magazines, on television.

But for me,
a brown girl named Madhuri
with parents from the other side of the globe
and uncles and aunts and grandparents living anywhere but the US
this NEVER happens.

On my way home tonight I was reading Thelonious Legend’s SINS OF THE FATHER and lo and behold, one of the characters is named Madhuri.


First I froze, then I re-read the passage to make sure I wasn’t imagining things, then I got all stupid and silly and started tweeting mad foolishness about seeing my name for the first. time. ever. in a non-Indian, US author’s book.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 12.57.29 AM

I get a bit ridiculous when I get excited and seeing my name like that had me ALL kinds of thrilled. It made up for all those times the store didn’t sell a Madhuri cup or a Madhuri bookmark or a Madhuri keychain and on some microcosmic level that I’m not even going to begin analyzing in this post, I felt like I counted, like I was there and someone noticed. It might sound silly, but try living your entire life, never once seeing your name somewhere in a book…

like i said, I’m not even going to really go there in this post. Mostly because it’s 1:08 in the morning and I’m tired and after the epic sadness of the Charleston terror attack – because come on people, that was a fucking terrorist attack, I don’t care how you try and spin it – I just can’t right now.

What I will say is that after a day like today, full of tragedy and grim realities, reading this passage was my little ray of light.

Thanks for that, Thelonious, I needed it.

(Doesn’t mean you’re off the hook – you still better learn to say my name!)

Fifty Shades of Magicals and Smart Girl Smut

I am a total sucker for a good romance, the tension, the yearning, the stolen glances, the first time lips press to the curve of a throat, all of that. Give it to me, time and time again, especially when it involves badasses waging epic battles, wielding all kinds of magic, saving the world from monsters, on the backs of dragons.

Of course, on the backs of dragons.


But if I’m being honest, what I really love is a mind-blowing


sexy as sin


Especially when I’m the one writing it.

When I first started working on The Sanctum Trilogy, I considered it to be the story of this fierce woman, her quest to avenge the murder of her family, and along the way, fulfill a eons-old prophecy to vanquish the encroaching forces of evil. Looking back on the trilogy as it stands in its completed form, I realize that in reality it is an epic love story with all kinds of magic and malevolence and badassery thrown into the mix.

Where I began with the intention of writing Dev’s story, in truth I wound up crafting Wyatt’s. And where I restrained myself in THE GIRL on writing the romance in all its steamy detail, by the time I completed THE PROPHECY, I was allowing myself much more freedom to explore the sexier side of things. So much so that one reviewer called it “steamy erotic fantasy” while another gave the trilogy its best hashtag ever: #fiftyshadesofmagicals


The Sanctum was just a warm up exercise – now I’ve got my game face and it’s about to be on.

I have the most fun writing what I like to call Smart Girl Smut: erotica that goes beyond the usual tropes, is diverse, is thoughtful, well-written, and fucking hot as shit.

Panty-melting and intellectual.

Cold-shower inducing and fantastical.

Fifty shades of scorching hot brilliance – my characters that is, not me.

Tasha L. Harrison writes it. So does Lauren Blakely. And then there’s my personal favorite Smart Girl Smut peddler, Meredith Wild, she of the smarty pants, hot as shit, will smack your ass and make you come, Blake Landon.

Of course, being a girl who loves her stories full of magic and swords, vampires and assassins, I’ll never write a strict romance because my imagination is forever fueled by the fantastical and paranormal, but my new stuff is hotter, sexier, smuttier. And loads of fun – you just might need to take a cold shower afterwards.

Right now I’m putting the finishing touches on the first book in my urban fantasy duology, The Nine Deaths of Dutch Mathews, and if you’ve been following my Facebook page or my blog, then you’ve gotten some hints as to what’s up with Dutch and Juma.



Then after D+J, it’s back to The Sanctum and my first book in that series, The Warriors, which is Ryker and Jools and if you already know their story, then you also know they’re kind of hot. For those of you who don’t, here’s a little tease:

“You like this, don’t you, Morrison?”

“You? Naked? Twenty-four seven?” he asked, running his hands over her breasts before his mouth did the same, “I love it, Clayworth.”

Jools gasped, “stop.”

“Why?” he asked as his tongue circled her nipple.

And although she knew what she wanted to say, and how she would say it, the words could not seem to leave her lips, so enthralled was she by his mouth. 

And his hands

which had moved from her breasts to her thighs, his long fingers teasing and touching, becoming slick with her desire before slipping inside her, creating all sorts of maddening wickedness, making it impossible for her to do much else besides move to the rhythm he created. 

“Why Jools?” Ryker asked her again, his tongue tracing the shell of her ear. 

“Because…” she gasped, eyes closed, back arched, unable to complete her sentence. 

Then she heard him chuckle. The sound from deep in his chest, like pure sex, and it took her over the edge. 

His voice did that. 

His fingers helped, but his voice provided that final push as Jools cried out his name before collapsing in his arms.

“Twice in less than five minutes,” Ryker observed with a smirk, “you are insatiable, Clayworth.”

So I hope you stick around because I think it’s going to be really good

unique and exciting

sexy and smart

a little nasty with some good ole raunch thrown in here and there

and as always, diverse as the world around us.

You’ve been warned.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 9.38.05 PM

#WednesdayFreeWrite – CLIMBING THE WALLS



red clay
playing fields
Stone Mountain
I-285/85 interchange
Hartsfield International
Mayor Young
Maynard Jackson
the child murders
Watson Creek
the game ranch
the Klan
horse shows
Snellville day
the Peachtree Plaza
Piedmont Park
Boys and Girls
pine trees
Toyota Corollas
I don’t worship cows
waterslide parks
Six Flags
AP English
tomato sandwiches
sweet tea
horse shows
pickup trucks
the rebel flag
the Braves


climbing the walls

a prompt to write
evoking memories
of a life lived down South