#WednesdayFreeWrite – Oncoming

Leave it to me to take this morning’s Wednesday Prompt and make it just a tad bit dirty.



There’s that moment
it can happen anywhere
And when it does
it floors you

The way she twists in the bar stool
and orders her drink

The curve of her neck
because you’re watching her from behind
The swell of her hips
that have you thinking of fifty different ways to fuck her blind

Her smile and her laugh
as she chats with the bartender
and you’re thinking, “shit, I should have taken those classes at Columbia”

Then she catches your eye
and busts you staring
and smiles
Because she’s confident like that
and knows what she wants when she wants it

And maybe just maybe
she wants you

But you’re not ready
and there’s no telling if you ever will be
for all of her truths
her honesty
her desire

So you look down at your drink
and pretend you didn’t see her
and the bar empties out
and you’re still sitting there
How does she smell
How does she kiss

You tell yourself not to think like that
Stop it
But her ass
her lips
the curve of her tits

Everything about her is overwhelming
and oncoming
at a speed so fast
you’re blown away
by her and her sex
to the point where all you can focus


One thought on “#WednesdayFreeWrite – Oncoming

  1. An author’s note for all of y’all who didn’t attend Columbia or Barnard, “those classes at Columbia” are the famous Columbia School of Bartending classes. No lie. Ask any alum, they’ll back me up and maybe even some of them took the course.

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