#WednesdayFreeWrite – CONVENIENCE

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I joined a writing group led by Jena Schwartz called Get Your Muse On.

I also mentioned that on Wednesdays, Jena sends around a topic and we are encouraged to participate in a ten-minute free write. It’s exactly what it sounds like: set your timer for ten minutes and write anything you want on that topic, no editing, no fussing, then post it for the group to read.

Although I skipped the first free-write, I took part in the second and since then, it’s become one of my favorite aspects of the group. I love those ten minutes where I empty my brain of everything and just flow.

It hit me today that these prompts make for a perfect blog series so from here on out, and with Jena’s blessing, I’m going to post what I produce for the Wednesday Prompt

and with no editing.

If you find errors or anything fucked up or maybe not so clear or perfect, it’s because I’m remaining true to Jena’s parameters of no tinkering, no toying. Which kills my inner perfectionist, but I’m going to do my best to keep her in check.

So on that note…



Convenience is walking out my front door at 8:20
hitting the Hundred Steps
which are really 96
but who’s counting
and zipping to the Path

Convenience is the grocery store four blocks away
the other grocery store four blocks in the opposite direction
the mega grocery store down the Viaduct
and the rip-off A&P down the hill

Convenience is the park up the block and overlooking the City
the other park past the grocery store where we played ball
the teeny-tiny park down by Supremo
and the huge, gorgeous park at the end of Webster

Convenience is the little man who dry cleans my clothes
and knows it’s going to take me weeks to pick them up
so he calls me on my cell to remind me

Convenience is the liquor store owner
who also owns the art space
who also helps with Little League and reminds me it’s almost time for sign-ups

Convenience is the pet store on Central Avenue
just a few blocks away
since I kill fish like no other motherfucker around

Convenience is the lady
who threads on Saturdays
in case I don’t have time to see my lady
in the city
during the week

Convenience is my beloved bodega
the one The Husband detests
because he’s convinced it killed our property value
but I love it
because I know all the guys inside
and I know the owner’s wife
and kid
so when it storms and I need an extra bucket
or when I’m a dollar short
he hooks me up

Convenience – and love – are my girls
the women I met and grew to love
my bitches
we’re tight and it’s fierce
and they live right down the block
around the corner
up the hill

Convenience is my past
The suburbs are my present


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