Random Thoughts

1. My friend, Alessandra, sent me 11 Late Night Facts About Waffle House which was so timely because I was JUST telling The Husband that I firmly believe one has not lived until they’ve spent a late night in a Waffle House – it is seriously one of the best spots on the planet. I admit there’s a strong chance fact #7 plays a significant role in this belief as a great portion of my teenage night-crawling years were spent in one of those hard, yellow booths, but whatever. Also, I knew none of these facts because they’re utterly irrelevant to my intimate love for and knowledge of Waffle House – they don’t even scratch the surface of my affection for this staple of life below the Mason-Dixon line.


2. I’ve been invited to do a reading of my work next month and am going to read from The Girl but have no idea what. I’ll probably read chapters one and two since I’m sure no one there will know my work, but honestly, I wish I could read from Book III.

3. This gem from my amazing, talented, funny, brilliant, loving friend Michele brings the joy every time I see it. I think he brings the joy to quite a lot of other folks as well.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 5.00.55 PM

4. My girlfriend, Priya, called me late last night and we shared some laughs about something she conveniently pushed off on me when she couldn’t deal anymore. Mind you, she pushed it off on me without talking to me about it because honestly, Priya and I haven’t spoken in months. And not because there’s beef or strife but simply because we live two time zones apart, are both working moms, and just fucking busy as shit. What struck me about our call yesterday is that we were so chatty and giggly and stupid as if no time had passed since we last spoke, as if we chatted the other day, as if we chatted all the time. We picked up like it was nothing. There was no need to apologize for not speaking in forever because it didn’t fucking matter. I love that. And I love her. Madly.

5. When the fuck did Anthony Bourdain become so sexy? Also, that Parts Unknown episode with David Choe and Roy Choi is still one of my favorites.


6. The pup has grown on me, but I think The Husband wouldn’t be too sad to see him go bye-bye. He spent a good twenty minutes last night castigating me for giving into The Kid and getting The Pup. As they say, you cannot please all of the people all of the time. #shouldershrug

7. I’m going back to buying paperback copies of my books. I like reading online as much as the next motherfucker, but nothing replaces the magic of flipping those pages. Just ordered Throne of Glass – hope it’s as good as Corey says it is. And if you’ve got reading recs for me, send them my way.


8. We’re going to a wedding tomorrow night which, if you know me, is major because there’s really nothing I hate more than weddings. And as usual, I’ve wondered a million times if and how I can get out of this thing – so far, I’m stuck. Grrrr.

9. I’ve spent this week listening to some of my favorite jazz legends – Cannonball Adderley, Thelonious Monk, Wes Montgomery, Dexter Gordon, Charles Mingus – but nothing compares to Art Blakey’s Moanin’. Whoa. Good god it’s amazing. Listen to it let it get in your bones and move your soul. Yes. Do that. Now. #thankmelater

10. Remember Gwen Stefani’s husband? Remember how they used to be papped with their kids ALL the fucking time? What happened to him? He just vanished. So weird…



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