Is It Strange


that I can’t write with music on?

I used to do everything with music playing, sometimes loudly, sometimes just a whisper, but it was always there, always keeping time to something, providing an eternal rhythm to my life.

Until it wasn’t.

Now, when I set about to seriously get on my grind and write, I must turn off the music and clear my head.

Even jazz – no can do. If I leave it on, before long I find myself bobbing to the beat, humming the melody, and generally allowing the music to take over my soul.

Which is awesome if we’re going dancing because trust that I will be your ever-ready dance partner, you will be begging me to take a break, we will be closing down the club.

But is not so great for writing – in fact, listening to music just totally fucks with my flow because I get lost in the beats and the words never make it to the paper. They stay locked in my head, floating around somewhere, probably dancing to whatever music is playing on my speakers.

I read all these interviews with writers who talk about all the great music they listen to when they write and I envy them. I can’t give up my favorite song to play when I’m writing or the artist who most inspired my characters because

there is no goddamned music playing while I am writing.

Actually, that’s not totally true.

I write some kickass murder and mayhem whenever listening to Mozart.

Not sure what that says about me

or him.



5 thoughts on “Is It Strange

  1. Not really. I need complete silence when I write my first draft. Once the words are on the page I can listen to music. Let’s be real, my editing process *requires* music. But first draft? Silence.

    I do like three minute dance parties though. 😜

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