Book Review: IN HER CLOSET by Tasha L. Harrison


Erotic Romance

Published May 2011

“Instead of fucking him, she was going to write a book.”

IN HER CLOSET‘s Yves is smart, sexy, brash, and kind of badass. Elijah is an editor, a fan of Yves work, and in need of a breakout star. He makes her an offer too good to pass up and so begins their story.

A while back I posted about an erotic trope I find quite annoying, that of the horribly damaged or severely abused BDSM practitioner. I wondered why there couldn’t be a character who was in the lifestyle simply because he or she enjoyed it rather than because they were abused by a child therapist or suffered horribly at the hands of a violent lover. In a similar vein, the typical erotic novel leaves me wishing for something smarter, more complex, better written. And of course, more diversity is always a bonus and oftentimes severely lacking.

Then along comes Tasha L. Harrison.

Tasha writes good sex. And even better sexual tension. Her characters are well-developed, diverse*, smart, and relatable – none of that billionaire boys club going on in this series – and the chemistry between them is scorching. Yves’ sexy, dirty mouth plays perfectly against Elijah’s stubborn resistance, their scenes together are tense and amusing…

and surprisingly realistic.

Much of this genre is so fantastical – the sullen billionaires and private jets and all sorts of other accoutrements of the rich and fabulous – that the details start to bleed into each other, all the hot, white boys become difficult to differentiate, and ultimately what could be interesting turns into something quite generic.

This is hardly the case with Tasha and her characters – there is nothing generic about them.

Add the bonus of being spared another tortured and tormented BDSM enthusiast – thank you, Tasha, for creating Elijah – and you’ve got a great read for anyone who likes their romance smart, tense, diverse, and mind-blowingly hot.

*oh, and don’t let the book cover throw you – IN HER CLOSET‘s Yves is brown and sexy and all kinds of gorgeous. Maybe if we beg her, Tasha will give us the diverse cover this book deserves.


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