A Note From Jools

I was doing some research for my work in progress, The Warriors, the first book in The Sanctum Series, and came across this note from Jools in The Prophecy and it really kind of smacked me in the gut and sums up why the character I so loved to hate became one of my favorites.

I suppose her evolution into a total badass is why I allowed her to live on and do her thing in The Warriors, because up until the middle of book III, I was just itching to kill her, like my fingers burned with death whenever I worked on her chapters. And then she did some things and some other things and a whole lot of other things and I found myself falling a little in love with her.

Once she wrote this note, I was all kinds of sold.

Ryker, we swore to never do this, but I cannot bear to go into what I fear will be my last battle without memorializing my love for you. You are the light to my darkness, the softness to my sharp edge, the better to my worse. You have loved me when doing so was impossible, have healed my deepest wounds, and cared for my despairing soul. Without you, I would have succumbed. Should I never again see your beautiful face, hear your low voice, feel your gentle touch, I will thank the gods for deeming something in me worthy of you. Your laughter will carry me through these darkest of days, your kiss will forever warm my soul. I love you madly, Morrison, and am yours. Always. 

Maybe I’m a total sap, but I kind of love that.

Cheers bitches.


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