Random Thoughts

1. I can’t stand turquoise jewelry. There is nothing you can do with turquoise to make me want it anywhere on my body, near my being. Even the prettiest little thing will make me feel very “ugh. barf. make it go away.” #justsaying


2. My birthday celebration was epic. I won’t relay the details but suffice to say I’m 99.9% certain your birthday was NOTHING like mine. Trust me on this.

3. Is there anything more fun than pinning hot guys on Pinterest? Oh yeah, pinning David Gandy, the hottest of hot guys. And pinning hot girls is right up there. Which is all just a way of saying I love to waste time ogling gorgeous, well-dressed, stylish motherfuckers

HotGuys1  DavidGandy3  HotGirl1

4. I joined a writing group late last week, but am now wondering two things: 1) am I worthy? and 2) am I able to come out of my introvert’s shell enough to actively participate in the group and make it worth my while. So far I’ve been really good at going around to other people in the group, reading their work, their posts, their whatever, and commenting on things, giving them props for being badass, encouraging them to do whatever it is they want to do, all without really saying a word about myself – I take that back – I did tell some folks I’m from down South – or sharing any of my work. I like being slick like that. But is that really the point?

5. I know most people love to go on and on about how much they hate Grey’s Anatomy these days and that if you’re watching past season 7, then you’re wasting your time, blah, blah, blah. Well, I watched well past season 7 and while everyone is having orgasms over Scandal – which I tune into every Thursday because there’s no way I’m NOT going to support a show with a black woman lead, but I think sucks ass and is some of the worst over-acting on television, although I must say Scott Foley is all kinds of sexy and how Olivia could be anything but #TeamJake is beyond me – I still think Grey’s is the jewel in Shonda Rhimes’ crown. And as sad as I was to watch Derek’s death, it didn’t surprise me. In fact, I feel like Shonda had been subtly preparing us for it, letting us know that although we love Mer and Der, we love Mer even more when she’s on her own. At least I do. So thanks Derek for being all McDreamy for 10 seasons, I love you, but as much as I’ll miss you, I’m totally excited to watch Meredith pick up the pieces of her life and move onto her next adventure.

6. I still can’t stop thinking about that Star Wars trailer…

7. I was watching the news last night and they kept asking how 15 police officers could get hurt during the unrest in Baltimore, but when is someone going to ask how can all these young Black men and women DIE at the hands of police officers???? #BlackLivesMatter


8. And people are so shocked and appalled by the destruction of PROPERTY in Baltimore but where was your goddamned shock and appall when that young, Black man had his spine snapped by the cops and died?? What the fuck, people.


9. An abrupt change of thought because otherwise I will rant for days – I’m not kidding, ask The Husband, I have turned into an endless spool of expletive-laden rants and explosions, often late at night, scaring the shit out of him as he lies next to me fast asleep while I write…and listen with one ear to the bullshit on television. And see that right there? It’s the beginning of another rant – I can feel it in my chest and my fingertips, so I’m going to stop and instead talk about the amazing Jason Reynolds and his fabulous book The Boy in the Black Suit and the fact that I’m one lucky bitch because I’m friends with Thelonious Legend who is interviewing Jason for his #BlerdBookClub chat this Sunday at 3pm EST and invited me to join in the fun. Umm yeah, that’s me, wiping the dirt off my shoulders. I’ve already said this a hundred times, but I’m going to say it again: if you haven’t read this book, you should get off your butt and do so. Now. Then come on over and join the chat on Sunday. boy-in-the-black-suit-9781442459502_hr

10. I’m so tempted to rant right now but am not going to.

11. For those of you who don’t know, we got a puppy last Sunday. We adopted him from the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter in East Hanover, NJ; he’s a chihuahua – rat terrier mix and his name is Django. Django   The Kid thinks it’s Jango as in Jango Fett, when The Husband and I know it’s really Django as in Unchained as in the D is silent. We’re dicks, we know this, we laugh about it every time The Kid asks us why we call the dog “duh-jango”. If I explained it, his little 7 year-old self would give me grief – when he’s older, he’ll probably like that his dog has a badass name. Especially since his dog is afraid of his own shadow, but that’s another story for another day. Today’s Django story has to do with the fact that he’s driving me nuts with the house-training accidents. And I get it, people, he’s a puppy and he’s learning – that doesn’t mean he’s not annoying. This morning I took him out twice and he still had the nerve to take a shit on the rug in the living room. But the best part of it was when I saw it and The Kid saw that I saw it and Django saw that I saw it and The Kid and Django looked at each other and The Kid suddenly yelled “run Django! She’s coming!” and they both took off for the backyard. #kidsandtheirdogs

Peace out, bitches.



6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

    • I am crate training, but I’m obviously doing it wrong. He’s in his crate all night and is fine, then in the morning, I let him out, feed and water him and we go outside, he goes to the bathroom, then I bring him back inside, put him back into the crate, and get dressed for work. When we come back downstairs and can have eyes on him, we let him out. Then he goes back in while we’re at work, the babysitter comes over at 1 to let him out, piss and shit, and then she and Dash are back at 3:30. Somewhere in that morning session, he’s sneaking in a shit.

      What am I doing wrong?

      oh, and “fuck turquoise” – that’s why me and you jive so well together. xx

  1. Sneaking a shit… LOL.

    How about let him have that morning time OUT of the crate, but confined to a small area with his food dishes. They’re den animals…they don’t shit where they eat. 😉

  2. Introverts unite, alone together in separate homes.

    I am going to a writer’s conference this weekend. Alone. So that I will be forced to network, I am staying in the hotel even though I stay in the city. I way nervous. ;-/

    You’re writing is wonderful though. Share your work so you can find others of your tribe.

    • You’ll be happy to know that I came out of my writer’s cave and participated in the group writing prompt – ten minutes to write about “the land of my father”…interestingly enough, for someone who does NOT consider herself a poet and gets sweaty palms whenever someone mentions poetry, i wound up writing a poem, or as I like to say, some rhythmic prose. It made me sick to my stomach to post it, but I did it. And survived. Just like you’ll survive the upcoming weekend of networking. Bravo to you, babe. That’s major. You’ll have to blog about it so we can all read your introvert’s adventure. xx

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