Book Review: The Girl (The Sanctum Trilogy Volume 1) by Madhuri Blaylock

I woke up this morning to find this review waiting for me, as if it knew I needed a little mental boost this week. Being an independent author is a great adventure and I’ve met a ton of amazing folks along my journey, but it’s also quite exhausting and demoralizing and at times, just down right depressing. I’ve been in quite the funk lately about my writing and books and whatnot, so finding this gem was a welcome surprise. I also really really really love Ginger’s comments on diversity in lit and what reading my book made her realize – basically that reading diversely doesn’t have to be some academic exercise conducted in a vacuum, that it can be fun and exciting and sexy and seriously, should be the norm.

Words Are My Toys

the girlEveryone hits the ground running in this book whether they’re diving straight into the action or slinging sass at each other. Warriors, lovers, and shit talkers, the lot of them. All characters are constantly on their toes keeping myself in much the same way as an observer. There is gratuitous action in this book so well and clearly written there isn’t a moment I have to go back a few lines to figure out whose elbow is in what pressure point when. I’m going to have to assume the author has kicked some ass once or twice herself.

Within the first two chapters I immediately see where the line has been drawn in the sand but each side has its own story and isn’t necessarily the de facto bad guy which is incredibly refreshing. It is hinted throughout that there is a rich history with both groups and I was tantalized page…

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