7 Facts

A writer friend hit me with the perfect

random blog post

share seven facts about my writing

so here you go

 Seven Facts About My Writing

1. I wrote huge chunks of The Sanctum Trilogy on my 20 minute commute into and out of the city – it was quite amazing how much I would accomplish in those short spurts

The Code of Ten.Three Covers Together

2. While writing THE GIRL, I tried to be good and write from an outline, but found it too confining – the best decision I made was throwing that baby out the window and just winging it. So long as I know my beginning, my ending and the general story arc, I seem to be fine, and the words just flow. It’s when I try to be someone I’m not, that I run into problems.

3. I love writing sex – I had no idea I would love writing sex, but I do and I think I’m kinda good at it


   Couples4    Couples               Couples3

4. For some reason, I find my men very easy to write, they come naturally to me – the women’s voices take some work to develop – I have no idea what that says about me as a person or a writer, but that’s the truth of it

5. Even though I’ve finally moved past my characters Dev and Wyatt and have started writing again, honestly, I don’t think I will ever REALLY move past them.

6. I have to know my characters’ names before I do anything – I don’t know why, but this is vital and until it’s perfect, I can’t write a word.

7. My current work is kinda sorta nasty and a blast to write



And there you have it – my seven.

Now show me yours.


8 thoughts on “7 Facts

    • You know what’s funny, Shonda, I never set out to write YA books, never categorized them as such, and still don’t think of them as YA. But I think the age of my characters has landed me in that pile, which is fine so long as no one gets their panties in a bunch when two girls fuck each other…and it’s totally hot. heh-heh. So yeah, to answer your question, I’m still writing about monsters, murder, and mayhem but I made my characters a little older for my next series – trust me, this time no one’s going to confuse my genre.

      By the way, if I might ask, what do you think makes me tic?

  1. Ha! This was good…short and sweet but still very telling. So agree with #4 (thought it was just me, and like you I have no idea why). I chuckled at #6 because I can write MC/Guy 1 etc for some reason for WAY too long. I’m sometimes halfway through the story before I know the name. But I must admit once I know the characters’ names (or even a potential story title) I get way more into what I’m writing.

    Just purchased The Girl! Didn’t even realize you were published when I first started following you and read the sample just now…seems like my kinda book 🙂 Looking forward to reading it.

    • I was just telling a friend how sometimes the shortest snippets about ourselves can be quite revelatory. That is amazing – I can’t believe you can write so much without knowing names! Wow. I’m totally serious – I must know the name. You should see my notebooks for The Sanctum Trilogy and all the names and scratch outs and rewrites until I finally settled. I always knew Dev, my main character, but the others were serious projects.

      As much as I want to be known for my books, I’ve gotta admit that it’s kind of cool you followed me for my blog and only later discovered my books. That could also be a sign of some really poor marketing on my part, but hey! can’t be perfect at everything. heh-heh. And thanks for checking out THE GIRL – I hope you love it.

      • The fact that you have a BOOK out AND a blog you keep up with says you’re doing pretty good! lol Somehow I found you 🙂 Glad I did. I liked the book cover (and your blog of course) that’s what made me check out the sample on Amazon. And the sample made me purchase.
        Blog, cover, sample…BAM! Maybe I’m easy, but that’s all it took. When I’m done, I’ll review it on my humble little blog. Didn’t realize you had so many followers either, wtf?! lol That’s awesome.

      • Guuuurrrl, I don’t know what the fuck is up with all those followers either! It’s like the big mystery I can’t seem to get to the bottom of – you would think all those followers would result is some freaking stellar book sales. Alas, I am sad to report, it doesn’t seem to work that way.

        I’m going to have to tell my girlfriend you loved the cover and it was one of the things that pulled you in. My covers don’t really fit the genre – they’re a bit more artsy than your usual paranormal stuff – and i’ve been told I would sell more if I changed my covers, but I rather love them and am a stubborn motherfucker, so thus far, the covers remain.

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