Random Thoughts*

*With some spoilers. You’ve been warned so don’t get all pissy if you learn something you didn’t already know. Then again, if you didn’t already know it, you might want to get out a little more. Just saying.

1. The other night I was watching Jimmy Fallon and Gabrielle Union was on and holy fuck is that woman annoying. But that’s not what struck me most about her interview. What really stood out and seemed quite pathetic and rather strange was that her ENTIRE interview referenced Dwayne Wade, her husband who plays for the Miami Heat, in case you didn’t know, which is impossible if you’ve watched just one of her interviews, since ALL she does is talk about him. Not one story she told discussed herself or her acting or her show “Being Mary Jane” – instead, she repeatedly told stories about herself that focused on him and what she made him do (I am convinced he is a spineless human being) or how she embarrassed him or how she attended this or that Miami Heat event. Ugh. What is that about? And where is Gaby??

2. After watching that interview, I turned to The Husband and asked, “how did Derek Jeter ever date that woman?” to which he rolled his eyes and deadpanned, “Derek dated everybody.” haha. Sometimes The Husband is quite amusing.

3. “You want Cookie’s nookie, ditch the bitch.” Empire, the show that’s so bad, it’s good. And really, folks, it all comes down to Cookie. She is so badass.


4. Did you watch that movie “Noah”? Probably not, because it sucks ass. I don’t know what’s going on but there are talking rock things that appear to be what results when a Transformer has sex with a mountain. I don’t think I need to say much else.

5. Working from home sucks. I hate it and have done it far too often this winter. Stop it with the snow already!! #MotherNatureIsBeingABitch

6. Three words for you bitches: DOUG STAMPER LIVES!


7. I know we all age and I certainly am not the skinny, hot piece of work I was in my 20s (snort!), but when did George Clooney get so old? When did Doug Ross stop being sexy? When did his upper lip become so skinny and most jarring, when did he start wearing old man jeans? They’re not as bad as POTUS’ jeans, but he’s George Clooney – his jeans should never be at issue. And yet, the cut and color scream “old man”. Where’s Amal when you need her?? Oh yeah, saving the world from all of the baddies…duh.

INF - George Clooney Arrives at Kaufman Studios in New York City


8. Just had lunch with my girl, Corey, and told her about my upcoming writing plans – The Sanctum Series – and in particular, my next book, The Warriors, and guess what? She fucking loved it. Gave her the whole plot, discussed perspectives, chatted about new characters and Corey’s totally totally feeling all of it. Plus, she helped me flesh out a plot issue that had been bothering me…because she is awesome like that. It was fabulous and energizing and uplifting and now I’m ready to get at it. #MyBitchesAreTheBestBitches

9. “A smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman’s body.” #SpeakBeautiful



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