That’s me

with a capital L

and an I – A – R.

All caps. All day, everyday.


See, here’s the deal: in the Author Notes of the finale of THE SANCTUM TRILOGY, I promise to publish an Epilogue on my blog for anyone who needs some hand-holding after reading everything that goes down with Wyatt, Dev, and the crew. Because a close friend needed it after reading the last sentence of The Prophecy.

She needed some reassurance, some hope, and in a fit of generosity and because I love her so, I gave it to her, then oddly promised to give it to everyone else. Despite the fact that I hated it


when I wrote it

and now.

I fucking abhor that Epilogue.

Every word of it. Every sentiment. Every heated glance.




I don’t want to give anyone a neatly tied up, prettily packaged HEA (which I’ve learned means “Happily Ever After”…vomit…everywhere…now). I want you to sit with the shit that goes down

and deal.

I want you to get emotional about it because it’s fucking brutal and intense and you should get emotional about it. And afterwards, if you’re not so sure things are that great for everyone involved, well so be it. I can’t help you.

Well, I could help you

but I’m not going to.

Because I love my ending and I don’t need any hand-holding or comforting or hope. I think the ending, in all of its perfect imperfectness, is just right. There’s nothing more. At least not for the trilogy.

Not for the story of the prophecy.

What you see in those three books is what you get. No more.

So let me say a big sorry to anyone who reads my Author’s Note and wonders where the hell they can find that promised Epilogue.

I admit it, I lied.

At least I’m honest about that

because seriously, there is no way in hell ANYONE else is seeing that goddamned Epilogue.


And now I’m off to edit my books…


7 thoughts on “LIAR

  1. Any chance you will get amazon to edit your book to remove the reference to the epilogue?… because… one comes to the blog, per your directions, and nothing.


    Enjoyed the books though. But don’t tease us. … Unless you are going to tease us with a new book series in the same story universe from the Sanctum Trilogy… that would be a good tease.

    • Ty, you’re so right. That’s my fault – I need to update the book, which I’ll do this week thanks to you calling me out on my bullshit. Oh, and by the way, there is more Sanctum coming soon. I’m working on The Sanctum Series, which will be novels based on the characters from the trilogy. First up is Ryker in The Warriors, and his quest to find and kill Carter Breslin. You’ll also get to know his brother, Sachin, and meet his cousin, a rogue Sanctum, named Dasha. And of course, Jools and her new arm…

  2. I actually love the ending as it is. It’s authentic and a perfect fit for the book. Especially for part III. I’m happy that you decided to take a stand and rather call yourself a liar rather than compromising!

    • Thanks Sandra! Am so glad you love the ending as is – so do I. It feels authentic to the brutality of it all. It’s happy, but in its own dark twisted way. Also, thanks for reading. xx

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