Random Thoughts

1. These two, and this shot in particular, bring the serious joy.


2. The other day, someone at work called me “Queen Bee”

3. The other night while I was walking home, freezing my ass off and mumbling to myself about how fucking cold my ears were, I happened to look up at the sky and guess what? I can see the stars from my front yard. And it is all kinds of awesome.

4. Here’s the dedication of Book III: THE PROPHECY…no explanation needed and after suffering through raising my ass, it’s the least I could do. I can never repay them but hopefully small love notes like this bring them the joy.


5. This gem evolved from a night of hanging with the girls this weekend, indulging in all kinds of shenanigans, belly laughs, and vast amounts of bourbon, because we’re fucking awesome like that


6. The teasers for that movie Focus are hot. I mean, the movie could suck, but damn if Will Smith and the girl from Wolf of Wall Street (I can’t remember her name and am too fucking lazy to look it up) don’t have some serious chemistry.

7. I hosted half-hour take-overs at two author events this weekend – thanks Aria and Addison – met some fabulous people, and was able to push my books on some new folks. It was exhausting and thrilling and head-spinning because those events move at a break neck pace. I gave away some books and am crossing my fingers that I’ll make some new folks fall in love with The Sanctum.

8. Speaking of The Sanctum, I got some Wyatt-and-Dev-inspired ink this weekend. The last line of my trilogy, carved into my ribs, forever and ever. Or at least until I’m dead. Because I love my warrior and hybrid something fierce.


9. And on a final note, I received a review this weekend of my books, and it seriously brought the joy. The best part was the following line

[The Sanctum Trilogy] “is Harry Potter meets The Hunger Games with a twist of vampire.”

Um…hell to the yes. Thank you for making my weekend, lovely reader.

Cheers bitches.


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