My Motherf*cking Clique

World domination baby…one story at a time.

Write Bitches

Growing up, I was never the cool girl, the one everyone looked up to or wanted to hang with – I felt like an outsider, sometimes even with my own friends. Maybe that’s the nature of adolescence or maybe I was just that much of a social misfit. Either way, I certainly never had a clique of my own.

Until now.

I am pleased to say that I’ve got one and it is fucking fabulous.

As Jay-Z says, allow me to re-introduce myself…

We are the Write Bitches – Kayti Nika Raet, Laura Oliva, and myself – three girls doing our thing individually, but also coming together as our own, special force of nature. We write, we laugh, we snark, but most of all, we support each other in this sometimes cruel, always tough, world of literary pursuit and endeavor.

I cannot speak to why Kayti and Laura said yes…

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