Uh Mah Gawd – Launch Day for Book III: THE PROPHECY

February 4, 2015



It’s here. The day I’ve been working towards since I started this journey over four years ago, jotting down random ideas about a badass, brown girl and her effect on everyone around her. Fifteen hundred days later, give or take a few here and there, my trilogy has come to a close as THE PROPHECY goes live on Amazon today.

I’m thrilled

and horrified

and nervous

and giddy

and sad.

Which might sound strange, but it’s true. Saying goodbye to Dev and Wyatt has been very difficult for me and as excited as I am to put THE PROPHECY into your hands and know in my heart of hearts I gave Wyatt and Dev the only ending I could give them, I’m a little melancholy without them as my muses.

But whatever…get over it, bitch.

I’m not going to wallow in it today – I’m going to celebrate all things Dev, Wyatt, Ryker, Jools, Darby, and the crew. If you haven’t snagged copies of THE GIRL or THE BOY, you should because they’re awesome (especially THE BOY, it’s my baby and I love it…madly). And then you should snag THE PROPHECY because, well, come on. Who’s going to read books I and II and not read the finale?

The Code of Ten.Three Covers Together


And just to add to the good times, tonight I’m hosting a launch party on Facebook with some guest appearances from other writer friends and my most brilliant, utterly amazing cover designer, Michele Mason Holmberg. You should come to the party simply to chat with her – she is ALL kinds of awesome. Plus, I’ve got some Sanctum swag to give away, chances to win some signed copies of my books, and an Amazon gift card up for grabs. Mixed into all of that will be my sailor mouth, cursing up a storm, chatting about which hot boys should play Ryker, and just generally being my stupid self.

FB Launch

So come through, help me celebrate this finale to a great, fantastical love story full of demons and vampires and war and wickedness, maybe go home with some swag, definitely go home with a smile on your face.


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