Random Thoughts

1. I’m old. I don’t feel old, but the fact remains that I’m getting up there. And it just totally hit home today as my younger brother turned 40. Shit. Time flies.


2. Where did 2014 disappear to?

3. The Kid wants a dog for Christmas. I’ve always heard pets as Christmas gifts are a really bad idea. Add to that moving into a new home, selling the old home, parents visiting for a week while we move, hosting Christmas in our new house for both of our families, starting to work with our new nanny, and enrolling in a new school and yeah, the new dog might need to wait a hot second.

4. The other day I was reading a book on Wattpad that I was really enjoying and then my eye happened to stray to the right hand side of the screen, where I saw the author had cast her book, something Wattpad allows authors to add to their book page (and you know I’ve done this since I love casting The Sanctum). I should have never read her cast because there I am, enjoying this brilliant world she’s created when my eye passes the name Ian Somerholder and all pleasure screeches to a halt. Ian Somerholder? He of the annoying stare and even worse acting skills? Ugh. Goodbye book and thank you, author with bad taste in men. Ian Somerholder? Really?

5. A close friend texted me the other day and asked, in all seriousness, whether anyone has optioned The Sanctum…she’s so funny. I can barely sell 10 copies of my books a week and she’s wondering whether anyone in LA is shopping them to the production houses.

6. That said, she’s got some sweet ass connections…

7. [SPOILER ALERT – do not read this post if you didn’t watch last week’s episode] [And if you read this anyway, do not be pissed when you learn some things you didn’t want to know.] Sons of Anarchy takes the #FinalRide tonight. A few years ago when work was super slow, I remember reading something about Jax and thinking to myself, that guy’s kind of hot. Then I checked out an episode on Netflix and was like, whoa! he is super hot and this show is the shit. I proceeded to tell Emily to check out the biker show with the hot blonde and we were sold. Even though Jax pulled me into the show, for me it’s always been about Tara and Gemma. I love Tara so watching her downward spiral, her desperate plans to save her family, and her death was brutal. In stark contrast, watching Gemma die last week was rather satisfying. I just wonder where it will leave Jax. Emily has her theory and after that scene in the garden, I’m thinking she’s right. I’m going to miss Jax and his super white Air Force Ones, way too baggy jeans, and that awesome blade on his hip but if I’ve learned anything about Sons, it’s that everything and damn near everyone dies. Kurt Sutter takes no prisoners. Fingers crossed he and the SOA crew go out with a fucking bang tonight.



3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Dude, spoiler alert!!!! I’m behind on SOA! I know the feeling of getting older. But all we can do is do it with grace. Sounds like your xmas season is jam packed! As for the books, slow and steady. 🙂

    • Ha! You know, I thought about adding a “spoiler alert” on that post…I better! Sorry about that, babe. Christmas is going to be crazy, but at least I won’t be in the office for a bit. Yea. And I hear you on the aging gracefully thing, so true and I’m definitely living by that mantra but then you hit milestones, such as your kid brother turning 40, and you’re just like what? huh? Oh yeah, bitch, you’re 43…remember?

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