Book III: A Snippet


It’s been a hot second since I posted a Book III snippet but I knew as soon as I wrote this interaction between Ryker and Jools that it would be perfect to share. It gives some hints as to the growth of their characters and relationship, but little more…and trust me, you want to see what’s gone down with these two.

Anyway, check it out – hope you enjoy.

Shuddering at the sight of such wanton carnage, the beach littered with dead and dying Magicals, Jools’ insides turned as their cries reached her ears. She pulled an arrow through her bow and began methodically putting each and every one of them out of their misery, thus alleviating her own. Slowly her warriors returned to camp and sat silently as she continued her mercy killings, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Finally, a hand pressed to the small of her back and Ryker stepped in beside her. She did not look at him, she simply continued her acts of euthanasia. He did not stop her, for he understood her need to be proactive, to make some sense of all of the insanity. And when the last arrow found the last Magical and there were no more screams to fill the night sky, Ryker turned to her and smiled.

“Nice work, Clayworth.”

Jools surveyed the beach below, closed her eyes, and let the quiet of the night soak into her bones.

“Thanks, Morrison,” she almost-smiled at him.




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