Dance It Out

I make no bones about the fact that I love to dance. I’ve always loved to dance and others might disagree, but I think I’m pretty freaking good. These days my chances to dance are certainly not like they were back in the late 90s, when there was a Black Diamond party every other night, and The Husband, me, and our friends were always up in the club, but I have no problem making my own dance party.

I do it in my office all the time, randomly putting on Pharrell’s “Happy” video and dancing out my frustrations. I do it in the shower while I’m getting ready in the mornings. Back in the day, I would come home from college and accost my sister many a time in her bedroom, jamming out to Kris Kross’ Jump. Really, I can pretty much dance anywhere, any time.

Which I mention because lately some ad campaigns have been getting me to stop what I’m doing, watch their ad, and dance it out.

Uh-huh. That’s what I said. I will put down what I’m doing and groove right along with an ad. You heard me right – an ad. As in advertisement, as in that annoying thing that breaks up my episodes of Parenthood and The Walking Dead.

Interestingly enough, but probably not what the ad execs had in mind when creating these short, brilliant blips of dance perfection, I could not tell you what they’re selling. At least I couldn’t the first thirty or so times I watched the ads because really, all I wanted to do was play it again and dance it out.

But now I know and even if I’m not sold on buying the products, I sure as hell am sold on watching the ads. Again and again.

Here are my two favorites:

If the boy in the beginning of this Android ad doesn’t make you want to shake it out, you’re just a little dead inside

And then there’s this gem from Zumba. The girl in the meeting – oh man, does she bring the joy. I want to be her, all day, every day. (Also, if my Zumba classes had been half this fun…)


2 thoughts on “Dance It Out

  1. I’m with you, I love to dance, but my one and only Zumba experience was way to early in the morning and I kept whining through the whole of it…it wasn’t the fault of the instructor…I’m just not made to exercise in the morning

    • For me, it’s not the time of day, it’s the music. And I find the music they use in the Zumba classes I’ve attended to be horrendous. So much so that I often find myself thinking, “where the hell did they find this shit?” Give me some good music, be it rock, hip-hip, rap, or pop and I will dance it out for you, any time, anywhere.

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