BOOK REVIEW: THE BOY by Madhuri Blaylock

Blogger Aman Mittal just finished reading THE BOY and says he “was pulled in from the beginning.” Holy smokes, that’s a great way to start the week. Check out the rest of his review and hit The Sanctum Bookstore when you have a chance to snag your own copy of THE BOY.

Happy Monday, bitches.

Remember me reviewing The Girl which was packed with intense action? I did confessed about my unlikelihood of paranormal romance. Madhuri, again proved my own conscience wrong of my unlikelihood.

Well The Boy just doubles the fun. Madhuri’s ‘accustom to a reader’ writing does wonders. It hooks a reader, grabs his attention just as one is on an edge of wherever he currently resides, until one is done with it. It straightway picks where the first one landed and takes a reader to another unforgettable experience. I was pulled in From the beginning and am amazed of well written and descriptive the story is. Plotting is notable and noble. Recurrence of POVs between characters didn’t affect me much this time, I guess I am used to it now. The pace is one again of my favorite part about this book. I enjoyed the second part even better. 

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