Another First

Today marks my first celebrity Twitter follower.

Well, that’s not true because the very brilliant Michael Kelly, aka Doug Stamper to those of you who know and appreciate excellent television, follows me and I follow him. But Michael doesn’t really count since we’re old friends from high school. I mean he does count, of course he does, he’s awesome, but he doesn’t because, I mean really? I can’t count him. We’d follow each other regardless.

So anyway, today I got this notification in my gmail


Taye Diggs is my first celebrity follow. My gut tells me he probably follows everyone, but that could just be me, being me. I’m not a huge Taye Diggs fan (although I liked him on The Practice and am enjoying him on The Good Wife) which I know, as a woman of color, hell! as a woman in general, is like committing some sort of hot guy crime, but he’s a little too smooth where a man should have some edges. I like the edges.

But that’s just me and I digress.

If I’m being honest, what I really want to know is how I can finesse this follow into some book sales for The Sanctum because really, that’s all I fucking care about.

Now to get my books into Mr. Diggs’ very smooth hands…



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