Inside Charlotte Olympia’s Closet

I’ve got a mean case of Charlotte Olympia Dellal closet envy. Pack up my laptop, a steady supply of Smooth Ambler’s Old Scout and I could live here and be quite content.


Charlotte Olympia Dellal is one of those beautiful girls of good family who today call themselves “socialite”. In 2008 she decided to found a brand of shoes that resembles to her soul in every way: crazy, full of glamor, English creative soul and luxurious Italian craftsmanship. Her kitty cat flats conquered the world and style icons such as Kate Moss or Daphne Guiness became fans. The rest is history.

And what better way to know a woman than that of searching for through her closet?! Thanks to we can have a look at the intimate world of her closet .

“I’ve always loved the 1930s, ‘40s, and ‘50s, from a young age. I used to watch lots of old movies with my mom so I think I get it from my mom. She loves glamour, my grandmother was very glamorous, so I guess I get it from the women in my…

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