Just Saying


Are you older than ten?

You are?

No way.


Because it’s hard to tell from reading your texts and posts, tweets, and emails.

Why, you ask?

Because of all the freaking LOLs.

Stop it already with the LOLs people. I hate it. And you should, too. Unless you’re ten. But you’re not, you’re grown ass people, sending emails and texts and whatnot, chock full of fucking LOLs.

Do you have any idea how stupid that looks?

You don’t?

Well, let me tell you, it looks down right ridiculous and makes me want to stop engaging you almost immediately. You LOLers out there, you know who you are – stop it.

Right now. I mean it.


You are an adult and LOL is beneath you. From now on, if you feel the need to interject some sort of verbal emoticon, use Ha. It will suffice and you’ll look more sophisticated.

Trust me. You will.

I promise.


5 thoughts on “Just Saying

  1. LOL used to really annoy me. I’m old school and I used to fight it with hahaha’s (or jajaja’s in Spanish, hahaha), but the longer I spend on social media, the more comfortable I become with LOL. I am guilty, yes, I admit it. And LMFAO comes in handy for me a lot. Then I don’t have to spell out the “fucking ass” and risk offending any sensitive persons. Plus, it’s just a long phrase to type and I’m lazy. I guess we should strive not overuse LOL. Let’s save it for cases where we actually are laughing out loud. I estimate that till cut down LOLs by about 98%, hahaha.

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